Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas alla Primavera

We have had a remarkable dry and warm December. On Christmas Day, it was 18C/62F. Di was busy roasting peperone (chiles) and making tortillas. She discovered that it is easy to roast them right on the stove top. We had very good quiet village Natale that seemed to be taking place in the spring!

A Kitchen Aid machine kneaded the dough in less than two minutes and a tortilla press also made it a lot easier.  

The recipe calls for kneading the dough for 7 minutes but because the machine is from the USA, it doesn't work quite right even with a transformer and skips the slow speeds. 
It's a little scary to watch! Boom boom, there you go...dough!


I stepped on the terrace to look at something and heard a woman singing “White Christmas” in English. So I followed the sounds up to the piazza where a lot of kids and parents were waiting for Babbo Natale (santa) to arrive. The funny thing was the recorded music playing was all American Christmas tunes in English. Not a single Italian tune.

Babbo arrived leading a donkey carrying gifts. As he and the donkey made it to the piazza in front of the church, the recorded music got louder and the church bells were peeling. The amazing donkey didn’t flinch at all the noise.

It was a nice event that the children loved. Babbo and his “elf” handed simple gifts to the kids.

Auguri e buone feste. Best wishes and happy holidays.

Guido and Diana


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