Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Calabria

Good Morning.   I'm sitting here (NOT in Italy) half drowsy with my coffee wondering---since this thing doesn't come up in Google who the heck is out there and how would you find my new blog? Would you care about a couple of people in Oregon who decided to move to Italy for what is referred to in the US as "retirement". I like the Italian word better---I am a "pensionata"--it gets to the point, we have some money and don't need to go someplace (good or bad) every day to earn our living.

Well, that will be in February. In February, Doug--Guido in Italy, and Di will be taking the last in a series of steps to leave the country of our birth and live in a small town on the west coast of Italy. We have a casa in Calabria, the name of the region, Santa Domenica Talao, the name of the town.

Here is a short video that may answer your question as to "why Calabria?" (If you are back at "why Italy?", I don't think I can help you):Heart of Calabria

So... let us know if you are out there and tell us what you would like to learn about our move, our life, our destination.  One more link: Restoration of Casa Rita --This is a post showing the progress of the restoration of our casa (in case you are interested in that sort of thing) on a great expat forum.  You have to sign up to see the pictures, -- it's a great forum for learning about the area so might be worth it for you.

Our Favorite Beach--i Gabbiani near Praia a Mare

I'll probably post just once a week or so until we move.


  1. Bellissime le vostre foto, vi ho trovato per caso ma I will recommend your site

  2. Who will find your site you say? Well, I found it linked to an Expats in Italy site whilst researching my own move to Italy (fingers crossed) spring 2011. Though I sadly am not retired or independantly wealthy, I am quite resourceful and plan on doing what I can to get (and stay) there, at least for a while. And if I have to leave and go traveling somewhere else for a while--would that really be so terrible? No :) Not as long as I can come back again later ! It was fun reading about your move and your house hunting. My heart honestly just swells inside of me looking through all these beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Kira,
    The blog does come up in Google now. That's progress.
    I wish you well on your quest. We figured on Croatia if we had to spend 90 days out. First we thought of Malta, but they joined the EU.

  4. Oh no! I wanted to watch the youtube video (the one with the link "Heart of Calabria"), but it says "The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Sorry about that." My family and I are Oregonians intrigued by the concept of a different life with a slower pace of life, cheap living expenses, and a unique culture, and Calabria sounds enchanting. Would you be able to make the previously mentioned video available in the US? Please and thank you. : )

  5. I believe that the way I found your blog was by googling "blogs in Italy."



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