Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moving our Dog Vince to Italy

It's a good thing my husband Doug is an honest man.  I was surfing the net looking for all I needed to know in order to take our dog Vince with us to Calabria via the airlines.  I just happened to find out that it would be far easier (due to the Americans with Disabilities Act) to get him a nice harness and ID tag and bring him on our plane as a "Service Dog".

Apparently, the airlines can't ask for verification that either you or your dog are "real".  Considering all the rules and regulations I read about bringing him as baggage (or Cargo--completely different and a completely different building in Rome)....it sounded downright simple and as easy as getting into my part--which I decided would be a highly nervous person who uses a service dog for its "calming" influence, or maybe just a victim of seizures.  You never know....

Well,  Doug (knowing that once I get an idea, I'm pretty determined) surprised me by not liking the plan based on personal integrity.  I would  have guessed more like fear of getting caught somehow.

So Ok, due to personal integrity issues,  I am abandoning my brilliant plan....I think.  Isn't this like saving a child?  He would be so scared in the hold...no, lots of dogs have done it.  See the dilemma?

What would you do (if, like me, you really thought you could pull it off?)

Does he look like he could do it?


  1. He has an honest face.

  2. Yes, an honest face, but when he dislocates your shoulder trying to get to the kid eating a Big Mac in the Atlanta-Hartford International Airport, people will question what "service" he is providing and where he got his training. Americans don't accept BS as readily as Italians might:) Guido

  3. Hi, Diana, MaryAnn here. You have given me food for thought,except I have TWO! 2 large golden retrievers, but I think it not so bad of a plan.
    I also am very very worried about the trip over.
    We will have to keep each other posted on this. I read and heard that Continental is a very pet-friendly airline.



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