Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa Domenica Talao

Perhaps you, like me, dream of a far away place in Italy where you would like to be.  Since I can't be there for a couple months, I look at the pictures from our trips and feel closer.  I thought I'd share the photos from our adopted Italian hometown, Santa Domencia Talao, on the west coast of Calabria:

It started as a place on the map near both the Mountains and the Sea.  Santa Domenica is a short climb from the sea.

Santa Domenica Talao is perched above the sea just like many Italian hill towns.  Its location away from the hoards of Italian tourists who come to be near the sea would have been impressive enough.  The unbelievable views alone would have been enough for us...

But the real story is the people.  It's the folks who smiled at us Americani without making us feel like the stranieri that we are.  I didn't expect the hospitality we found there.

Here I am talking with some neighbors.  Doesn't it look natural?  Keep in mind that according to my next door neighbor "I have NO Italian".   I thought I had some!

                                   Our beloved next door neighbors Francesco and Giuseppina

    Elections Italian Style

    Around Every corner is another vignette, another picture of life lived Italian:

                              This is our roof

Below is our friends'
alimentari--one of at least 5 in town.


  1. Ciao Diana! Ciao Guido! Welcome to Calabria and the Italian blogosphere. I'm so happy you stopped by Ciao Amalfi to introduce yourself. I look forward to following your blog! I've just added you to my Blogroll. San Domenico Talao looks gorgeous! Look forward to hearing all about your new life there. Has Vince made it yet?

  2. Hi Laura,
    No, we are all still here getting organized to go!
    I'm glad you took the time to welcome us. It's a great feeling.

  3. Seeing all these images of Italy makes us want to be there even more, ma non è possibile adesso!
    John e Toni

  4. Ciao John e Toni,

    Non adesso ma a presto. Va bene.

  5. Welcome, from another Blogger in Italy! I look forward to following your adventure.

  6. Hi LindyLouMac,

    I look forward to following yours as well.

  7. Hi Diana,
    Came across your blog through an expat website.
    Nice MOVE!

    enjoy your stay. ill be following you =)

  8. Ciao Diana and Guido,
    Just found your blog, I was just in Sestri Levante this past October. LOVED IT! I can't wait for you to move either :) and read about your adventures once you arrive. Take lots of pictures!
    a presto,

  9. Ciao Diana & Guido I've just stumbled on your blog and am loving it and wow that main photo is truly stunning! I too am hoping to embark on a new life in Italy ( but in Puglia) where I also hope I'll be lucky enough to find a wonderful community especially as I will be alone( except for my 5 cats!) Will certainly be keeping up with your terrific blog...Here's to an amazing 2012 for everyone!!
    Ciao Roberta



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