Friday, December 18, 2009

Buon Natale from Santa Domenica Talao

If you read some of my other posts here, you know that our Visa Application is currently at the consulate under review.  I’m having a much harder time not worrying about it than the last time (it expired before we were able to move).  I am sufficiently distracted at work but now that I am home for the weekend, I keep checking the USPS tracking to see if they have sent our visas in the mail yet (self-addressed Express Mail).  So far no luck---jeez they have had it for a whole day now!

It’s time to think about other things.  Since it's the Christmas season--this will be my Christmas post.  My only Christmas wish for myself is to have my Visa before New Years.  For the world, let's really try the Peace thing, OK?  We spent last Christmas in Santa Domenica Talao, so I thought I’d share some of those pictures to say Buon Natale to you:

The days began slowly in December with cloud pictures like these.  We drank our American camp coffee at our usual rising hour of 5 AM (not too many bars open yet) and fought with the gas fireplace that was refusing to warm the 2 foot thick walls very quickly.  If we were going freeze anyway, we took to the streets in the evening to catch the local Christmas Bazaar:

If you want to try a Calabrian Christmas where
you live-- check out My Bella Vita

Decorations are definitely sparser than in the US--Italians don't waste electricity.  I am surprised there was even this much in the way of lighting:


              BUON NATALE da DIANA e GUIDO!


  1. Related to this there was a very interesting BBC Global news piece a week or so back about how tied together the Mafia was with Christmas decorations in some part s of Italy - and in one case a mayor of one small town banned christmas decorations all together- you may want to give it a listen it was very interesting.
    Malta in contrast is very very lit up at Christmas time, more along a religious theme but every town tries to outshine the others with their light decorations.

  2. Hmmm, I just assumed it was related to all the people in the stores turning the lights on when a customer comes in and wearing coats indoors in the winter...then there's the 3 KW electric service.

  3. Ok bloggers on blogspot, how can I allow editing of comments?
    I meant to add to the above that I may be in denial. I don't like to think that the big M is involved in Christmas lights...Juniper, thanks for stopping by. We have a friend who lives in Malta. I am excited about visiting. Your photos make it look wonderful.

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