Friday, December 11, 2009


We sold our farm in Oregon in order to prepare to move to Italy.
It is located in central Oregon and its name is Rainshadow after a weather phenomenon explained at this website:
Cascades Rainshadow Effect (It discusses the effect in Washington State, just north of us).
There was no dearth of weather interest there, it just didn’t rain much and thunderstorms were very rare.

Doug and I come from the Great Lakes States where thunderstorms are very prevalent.  We love them and missed them while we were living in Oregon.  We are the kind of people who want a weather station at the house and maybe a weather cam.  We should have been meteorologists.  We hoped we would have thunderstorms in Calabria but weren’t sure exactly what the weather patterns would be.

Well, we weren’t disappointed!  WOW!!  Rain and Storm it did!  This picture was taken from our front
door in Santa Domenica:


  1. Oh yes! Those waterfalls are very common in Positano too with all those stairs everywhere. Usually my husband walks up in it barefoot to unblock the rainwater drain so that it trickles down to a stream again.

  2. I love it. It's more water than we had at Rainshadow in a year!

  3. I love storms, too! I grew up with them in Baltimore and still see them in Padua--but with the addition of hail here!

    That's a great picture!

    An American in Padua

  4. We too have seen waterfalls like this outside our house in Santa Marina. Felice Anno Nuovo da John e Toni

  5. Hi - just found your blog and love all your photos. Much good luck in Calabria and look forward to your posts.

  6. Thank you Lisa and welcome to my lil' site.



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