Saturday, January 30, 2010

Buona Notte

Yesterday was the last day of work with the Forest Service for Doug and me, twas my birthday, and the night of our Festa Buon Viaggo. Over 100 guests, and more than 100 hugs.  It was a great night for us, we will remember our friends and this night always.

Doug surprised me with a birthday speech (the only one allowed for the night), and then the band, 
Kevin Selfe and the Tornados really kept things lively. Their sound was perfect for us.

A good friend and longtime colleague of mine also sang a song for me--funny and touching at once.

And the prize for most photogenic goes to our favorite archaeologist couple:

We didn't eat or drink very much there, so we could keep up with hosting, but nevertheless, we were wiped out the next day.  It's a good tired--knowing that what's ahead is packing and flying off to our little Italian paese.


  1. Hello,

    we have been following your blog. My wife and I want to retire to the same town as you guys are moving. We have been in contact with Tony Hackett and plan to be in Italy in March. Our email is We would love to write to you and make plans to meet you then. We have tons of questions and are hoping you might be kind enough to answer for us.

    With kinest regards,

    Bill and Sharon

    Congrats on your retirement.

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  3. Still haven't found out if I can edit a comment here when I find a typo. Anyway, Bill and Sharon, we would be happy to help and we have sent a private message.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Diana - or should I say "Auguri?" When you comin' to Catanzaro? ;-)

  5. Hi Cherrye,
    I'd say we'd be up for a trip to Catanzaro in March.

  6. Just wondering if you have arrived in Bella Italia yet? Or if not when you will do so.

    Good Luck with the relocation.

  7. We will arrive on February 18 a Roma.

  8. Buon viaggo e divertirci! We are still dreaming of living there, but it will become reality one day! Look forward to seeing your posts of Italian life and how you are getting on. Best wishes to both of you from John and Toni

  9. Hi John and Toni, we're oughta here in a week and can start stories of the move and transition to retirement in a fascinating new world! The move, with huge amounts of luggage and the dog, is bound to be eventful. Will we have to upgrade to a BMW SUV at Fiumicino to haul it all? What favorite clothes must be left behind. What books and CDs get donated to the local book shoppe. We always thought UPS or FedEx would haul some stuff for us, but a medium size box of things would cost 340 USD. That will buy replacements easily.

  10. Di and Guido, What a surprise to see our pictures on your blog. Give us a call when you want to divest yourselves of the last bits of flotsam and jetsam. We're off on Monday. Thanks again for having such a great retirement party. Marge

  11. You're welcome, Marge. Thanks for being there. Hmmm, we have a vacuum cleaner, three plants including an orchid that actually reblooms--(I'm toying with packing the plants...silly--but I've had them for SO long!)
    A very big rug that I can't remember if Michele is taking, and lots of food and cleaning supplies. This is a facinating comment for others, I'm sure!

  12. Don't forget to update your blog once you've had a channce to sleep. We miss you guys already. I went out to Cahterine with Bob Gevenas today, he said he was sorry he missed your party. He sure is intrigued by your retirement plan. sigh. wish we were there with you guys. How did Vince survive the flights? Marge



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