Friday, January 22, 2010

Countdown to Calabria--a different Life

We've got three state-side posts left to go before my blog is actually legitimate--that is, we are actually reporting from Italy!
Our Buon Viaggio party is January 29 and is also the last day of work for both of us.
Doug has been experiencing a flood of memories of our life here in Oregon:
     Choosing our Christmas tree every year and bringing it home on skis:
The Portland Blues Festival--where you listen to fabulous music and donate to charity every year:

                                                        Friends who are dear and never boring:

and Rainshadow Farm, our life for almost 20 years:
There are lots of dogheads in our photos from there.
I'm thinking ahead of how we are going to use our very ingrained work ethic in Italy.  It's gonna have to change, part of the deal is we want to slow down.  However, the earthquakes in Haiti and in Italy keep in mind the need to contribute.  I will never be able just enjoy life without a sense of contribution. There are some sites for the Croce Rossa in Italy.  I found Greenpeace there (I'm interested in the oceans)...but  it will take time to see where the needs are.  Calabria is not Rome.
We have already found a local hiking group.   I heard that the mountain lunches will be an improvement over my American sandwich with an apple stuffed in a pocket. Different mountains, different friends, different sunsets, different life.


  1. If you ever start getting homesick for Oregon, let me know and I'll send you some photos. Perhaps I'll send photos of typical rainy days to help you overcome the homesickness! And if you ever feel like you really want to come back to Oregon for a few weeks - let's swap houses!!

  2. Hi guys, long time no hear or see. Had to find this through Carol Ann sending your flyers to me this week. We will not make it to your party due to short notice, but wish you well in your journey.

  3. Sorry you guys, we just sent it out to FS employees and family, we then very recently discovered others were interested. Amazing.



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