Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Thoughts

Something happens to organized people when they move to Italy.  It’s not that things don’t get done, they do.  It’s the how it happens that is so, well, surprising.  For example, our car lost its clutch slave cylinder (or whatever) this week.  Doug called me from the road letting me know he’d be late, etc. 

It ended up that our car was fixed and back with us by Thursday but we:
1) Didn’t know where it was while it was being fixed or the name of who was fixing it.
2) We had a car lined up from friends so that we could go to an important meeting next Tuesday if need be.  The car trouble just didn’t really impact our life at all yet it was all through the effort of people we knew and didn’t know that made it happen, not any careful planning on our part.  There is a certain quality of non-resistance here that could be crazy-making if you let it, but actually things get done with a minimum of fuss or worry. You can’t control anything, so you lose the idea that things need your control.  We just aren’t so much on your own as you would be in the States where we already know how our car would get fixed and by whom, when, and how much it will cost.  However, it’s not just because we don’t yet know these things that make all this serendipity, it’s in the air. 

So is Spring:

We line up lots of things to get done and somehow it all takes longer than it used to.  Of course, we don’t know where to buy everything yet and we sometimes don’t know how to explain what we need to do, but we also find that things just don’t get done in linear order.  You plan to refinish the door today, but the wind comes in and you end up taking a walk or catching the poppies blooming in the olive orchard instead. 

We still get up in time to see the moon set, but we never know what will actually happen in the day to come.  The general outline is there, but life happens in a richer, more varied way than the plans.  A friend asked me yesterday if living in Calabria met my expectations.  I told him that I was very careful not to have unrealistic expectations because I'm old enough to know how nothing can live up to that.  The funny, odd thing is that Italy is meeting expectations I didn't know I had.


  1. Your photos of poppies blooming in the olive orchard is beautiful. I look forward to you updates - we too love Calabria and intend to move there this year.
    Kind regards

  2. Beautiful pictures and story! Did you ever find your car?

  3. As Gil asked - did you find the car?

    Beautiful photos Di, I'm very jealous as I went straight from the Italian north's winter to summer here. Oh well, we can't have everything - realistic expectations etc

  4. Yes, we got it back good as new on Thursday. A friend of ours had a mechanic he knew pick it up. The mechanic just told Doug to get out and took the car. Language problems.

  5. What a happy post, it sounds like you are settling in well :)

  6. What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL place you live in! I really should make time to go back to Calabria



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