Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Day Blues

I got two things I really love in one day.  May Day and The Blues. I loved May Day in the US because it used to be associated with the celebration of spring, flowers, may poles--I always took May first off from work to garden.  I'm not sure why I love the Blues--maybe because I grew up in Chicago-land when it was morphing into Rythum and Blues.

May Day in Italy (Festa del Lavoro) celebrates the working stiff as does Labor Day in the States.  That means processions and partying.

Our plans this May Day were to watch a May Day procession in honor of St. Joseph the Worker, enjoy the oddity of a Blues concert in Scalea, and eat dinner outdoors at a nearby restaurant as the music played.  I have to say that the church procession was better attended than the concert.  Doug and I and a three-year old were also the only dancers at the event.  I suppose things could have gotten more lively after we left:

We have a history of attending outdoor Blues Concerts. The one in Portland, Oregon was always on July 1st,  our anniversary date. The crowds were huge and the dancers plentiful on land and river:

The May Day Night in Scalea grew cool but the bands were hot even if the crowds were not:

The music was cool.  It was both strange and comforting to hear the The Blues played by musicians speaking Italian.  The next day, the gathering of the Vespa in Santa Domenica Talao brought things back to pure Italian:


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. They say integration into the local community is the way forward when you go to live in a new country. Looks like you are following the good advice. Your language skills must also be coming on now too. Our wedding anniversary is 1st May. We didn't know it was a holiday in Italy when we were married 17 years ago though. Best wishes John & Toni

  2. Hi John & Toni,
    Thanks for following us and your comments. Our language skills are coming slowly, but we're doing better all the time talking on the streets. Looked again at your great website. We may take a tour your way this month or next and will get in touch for a booking if it happens. Depends on the builders and if they'll start work on our next project. D&D



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