Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Road Tra Orsomarso and Mormanno

Orsomarso from the Road to Mormanno

On the way home from our hike along the Argentino, Doug took a wrong turn and we ended up on a road to Mormanno that was not on the map.  We turned around after the realization set in, but Doug wanted to explore it when we had more time.  

It starts out with some pretty good hairpin turns that eventually took us up above "our" river valley, the Lao:

We are perpetually drawn to the mountains, it's in our DNA which was altered by the Forest Service, so we were looking forward to seeing the land between these two mountain towns (Tuscany, you have nothing on this):

We took the dog (and us) for a walk along a small road, we got to see the landscape up close at landscape speed:

Then we saw Mormanno in the distance and knew our trip was nearing it's planned climax, lunch in Mormanno after taking in the town. We are hoping to see the East coast this weekend.  


  1. Those unplanned diversions often provide gems as in this case.

  2. Wow, Spectacular photos! Love the red fields :)

  3. Thanks Scintilla. Right after I snapped that image of the field, a fox crossed the road about 200 meters away. We had coyotes and few foxes in US, so it was a treat to watch. doug

  4. Awesome photos Doug! I was over at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Thursday shooting some bird photos and saw a coyote or two. Amazing scenery where you live! Scott

  5. Hi Scott, Good to hear from you. I guess it will have to be next year to do more photography and exploring. There's so much just within 100 km. I may get a good scooter to run around on including some dirt roads in the parks. The Alfa Romeo we bought just isn't like our Subaru Outback with its clearance, power, etc. Course, the Alfa gets about 42 mpg compared to the 25 mpg of the Outback! Doug

  6. le vostre foto sono bellissime. ciao fedele da mormanno



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