Friday, June 11, 2010

Restoration Fun Update 1

It's restoration update time.  If you are new to this blog, the history of the restoration can be found HERE.
First, I'd like to comment on the effect of our poll on floor plans and shutters.  It so happens that our decisions reflect the poll results. Floor Plan A and turquoise green wood shutters.

No, that's not our new restored kitchen shown above--but they are the cabinets (a design called Brava) we chose for the kitchen along with a cobalt blue stone top.

Before I go any further with the pictures of the wall demolition and other not-so-pretty items, we have another poll to take.  I have a basic sea-based color scheme that is not up for debate but we have some indecision regarding the pavimento (floor) color.  Here are the three floor choices shown along with the other house colors (the wall color will be pure blinding white).

The floor will either be 1) gold travertine marble
                                     2) beige travertine marble
                                     3) beige with gold inlays

Some other decisions had to be made when the walls came down.  Our geometra and builder gave up on the old travi (wooden beams) because they are in such bad shape.  They will remain beefed up with steel (hidden) and some new wooden beams and ceiling.  Another recommendation was to replace the horrible steep stairway into the basement.  It will be replaced with an open stairwell with iron balustrade.  The following pictures show the new open "great room" and the beam supports so far.  Doug took some great shots of the work in progress:

Walls coming down and the doorways enlarged

Removed old fireplace (a surprise, thought to put stove insert in old one), supports for weak beams going up :

Bathroom tiles, etc. removed:

Old Beams and ceiling and the process to strengthen them so our floor above will be properly supported:

New "great room" looking towards the bedroom and the sea.  And our color inspiration:


  1. Wow they've been busy.

    For me, a neutral floor colour over a strong one is better as I think floors can date quickly and are difficult to replace easily &/or cheaply.

  2. I voted for the neutral choice for the same reasons as Sue P.

    It is really interesting following your restoration as it seems you are following in our recent footsteps and all the memories come flooding back. The hard work is all worthwhile in the end. We have just gutted our guest bathroom, last of the three we will have created here.

  3. Thanks, Sue you see why we have the dilemma... 2 to 4 so far in favor of inlays but none have commented. We had the same reaction to the golden floor when seen with everything else. Still time. Prices will also make a difference.

    I guess then you don't need memories, you are still in the thick of things.
    I'm enyoying every minute of being able to be here this time.

  4. Stick welding - haven't seem that in a long time!

  5. Short term memory, as each stage progresses I bemoan the dust, forget how bad it was quickly enough, until the next stage when it starts all over again!

  6. I actually voted for the inlays as they are pretty, but think neutral is safer.

  7. hi i live in brasil and my grandparents were italian, one part from calabria, i hope you have a wonderful time in this beautiful and colorful country.enjoy the food specially at the ocenan side, that spagetti with clams in the picture...i could just smell it from here!!



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