Friday, July 16, 2010

Restoration Fun Update 2

Angelo and his crew are steadily moving forward with the guest apartment. We are happy with their work and I also noticed they work in a safe manner without oversight of regulatory agencies. Here, you see how they made Otto a scaffold from within the bedroom complete with safety rail so he could work 2 stories above the ground. 

I don’t know how things work in the UK, but some Americans would be a little concerned to see their contractors drinking beer at 8:30 in the morning, and again at the afternoon break. I’ve seen it all over with road crews and others … it’s how things work here. They drink only one beer, then back to work. More shocking to me (and my tastes) is how they drink warm beer, especially in this hot weather! Course, a shot of caffe when the temps are 32C/90F degrees is hard for me too.

The new ceiling is coming along. This image shows how un-level the old ceiling was as the new travi (beams) are placed.

Here is the new ceiling with the tongue and groove pine boards over the beams. 

These beams are laminated and finger-jointed and look good. They happen to be from Poland. We’re wanting to keep things light in the rooms to enable sunlight to do it’s thing, so a fairly light stain will be selected.

Following the direction set by you readers, Di has been looking for wooden shutters made in a very particular way. The first carpenter turned us down because he’s not able to place such shutters two stories up.

We return to a wood shop in Santa Maria del Cedro Monday to see what they can do. As back-up, the local factory that makes very nice aluminum shutters in various wood patterns, says they can meet Di’s design configurations. Guido would be ultra pleased to support a local business and have shutters that don’t need maintenance.


  1. The ceiling is beautiful! I am enjoying your journey.

  2. Thanks, Laura. I think of Oregon when I read your comments.

  3. Looks like the restoration is coming on well. We are in the throes of finishing touches to our guest suite at the moment, then having some time off to enjoy the weather and the company of one of our daughters.

  4. Thanks, LindyLouMac,
    I would love to be at the finishing touch stage.

  5. It has taken a long time to get here, then holidays over we will get back to work on outside renovation.

  6. Having built our own house in Arizona, I can fully understand the perils of remodeling. I only wish we could do it in Italy, especially the area where my great-grandparents came from.

    Your blog is magnificent, your courage to take on such a wonderful adventure is amazing. Keep this blog going. It is giving me such inspiration.

    Barbara Bisignano Monroe



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