Friday, July 9, 2010

A Ruin of a Trip

La Roccelletta--Parco Archeologico di Scolacium

Doug mentioned in our last post that we took a somewhat belated anniversary trip to the east side.
If you don't have your own (better) map of Italy for reference, here is a map that will help only very broadly to place the route of our trip.  Look first at the top of the foot of Italy and find Castrovillari, then down at the ball of the foot of Italy and find Crotone on the east coast.  The Google Earth closeup will make more sense now.  Generally speaking this was a trip starting at Castrovillari (at a furniture store for reasons of restoration research) and ended in Fuscaldo at a lido where we had a drink.

The Blue that's not the Sea is the Route we took

It was a trip of many lessons and some delights.  The first delight was at Rossano, a little town where we took a pit stop but where I had the best gelato in Italy so far.  We were able to have Vince tied up at our little outdoor bar chair while we watched a definitely non-tourist town function.  We wondered what the source of income was for this place.  The next delight came all the way down at Crotone where we found once again a pretty seashore---which leads to the major lesson learned on the trip.  We learned we no longer like exploring via the road trip.  We have lost our stamina for long stretches of uninteresting terrain (specifically all the way from Castrovillari to Crotone).  If we had done more research, we would have created a better route, and would not have had to find our lodging for the night--which turned out fine, a nice hotel on the beach in Catanzaro Marina (or Catanzaro Lido) that was OK with dogs:

View from our room at the Hotel Palace in Catanzaro Lido

In true road trip fashion, we stopped at the Parco Archeologico di Scolacium without any plan in mind.
I don't want to pretend we understood it all perfectly.  There were Roman ruins on top of Greek ruins.  The Romans held their usual animal vs. people games in a small amphitheater shown below.  There was a very nice free museum explaining all this in Italian.

After our small dose of Calabrian history, we headed for the mountains to cross back to our beloved Cedro Riveria.  It was foggy, very foggy, we got a bit lost and ended up in Filadelfia!

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