Friday, August 13, 2010


As I write this, 3 girls about 12 years old are playing in the street under our window--simply bouncing a ball forth and back and laughing. The kids here are delightful and, hopefully the right word, innocent. I’ve watched the neighbor’s grandkids spend hours playing with a paper airplane or a water pistol. I guess play – outdoor play is the operative word. I came from a place where kids their age would be on a Game Boy, in front of a computer or texting on the mobile phone. Perhaps it’s just the small Calabrian hilltown and elsewhere in Italy kids are different? Regardless, they are sweet in our village. Even the sulky teenagers will say hello to you as you pass. Growing up in tight Italian families certainly produces some nice kids. Innocence doesn’t pay the bills I know, so most will have to move away to make a living. But this week, there are many more Mercedes and Audis in town driven by successful people who come back home for holidays and stay linked to their families and hometowns.

Cars lining up to park for the Festa of the Wild Boar--Santa Domenica Talo

In August, there are more concerts, festas and events that are just beginning at 9:30-10 PM.  Afternoon naps help, but it’s still a challenge to the internal clocks even after 7 months. We can’t play the “age card” because there are plenty of 70-80 year olds roaming around at midnight and later. One night we returned from dinner in Scalea at midnight and a rock concert was just ending in the piazza. We were ambushed by Irish friends, went to their house and got home at 3AM. Mama mia...

It’s festa time again this week in Santa Domenica Talao--Sagra di Cinghiale (Festa of the Wild Boar).
We admire how people here have a great time just meeting in the square for a little entertainment. How both the very old and the very young enjoy the same thing—being a part of the community. Remember that song Carbaret? What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, Come to the Cabaret. That seems to sum up life here in Agosto--Then, in the AM, it’s off to the beach.  Sorry, too busy to write more.


  1. Ha, ha I know exactly what you mean, same here, as you may have noticed from all my recent Sagra and Festa posts :)

    Marta has now filled up for Ferragosto as lots of Romans have holiday home here.

  2. Yes, it's amazing. State fairs and fests in the States pale in comparison.

  3. Funny how my wife and I noticed the kids playing so well in the streets and the people being so friendly on our first trip to Naples. Just love the fact that so many of these traditions are still going on in Italy.

  4. You'd really want to avoid those "Irish friends" leading you astray like that.......tut...tut ! Thank God they've left (for now)
    Niamh & Colman x

  5. Yes, Niamh, we are catching up on sleep until they return....



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