Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halcyon Days

My favorite word in English is Halcyon. I love the sound of it and what it evokes.  I first heard it in the quote "Halcyon days of summer" usually referring to childhood summers.  The festas and the beach scene here are crazy with fireworks, crowds, and general activity. I am proud of us for reaching out to join in some of these things for we are generally tranquil types. We need the silence and solace of woods, streams, and the countryside. We are so lucky that we picked just the right place to have both. Childhood summers, Halcyon Days, are what these quiet interludes conjure in my mind. Time to notice the cloud formations from the terrace, go on a long hike in the heat (OK, that was dumb), leave the city and head for the woods, or visit a lonely museum in the mountains.  Just wanted you to know that it's not all about festas this time of year.  It's also about enjoying going barefooted and catching falling stars:

Hollow Chestnut Tree--A Halcyon Days icon

A little resting place on our noon-time 3K death march in the sun
Santa Domenica Talao from across our local unnamed stream

An A3 Bridge on the way to the Grotta del Romito
A reminder from the Grotta del Romito that you need to live before you "thin out"


  1. That last photo is one strong reminder! Beautiful pictures.

  2. A few details on the grotta -- they started excavating in the 1960's after seeing rock art and artifacts laying around. A number of graves where many are deformed by way of poor nutrition. There are points and knives of obsidian like American Indians left behind. This site dates back 18,000 years. University of Florence was behind the digs (that continue), but someone else put lots of money into a lovely little museum, nice stone walks and driveways and landscaping. Yet, only 5 of us on-hand in the height of tourist season. This site is 25 km away from us in the mountains near Mormonno. Doug

  3. Hi Doug & Di, in England there is a saying that "mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun". Obviously American men and women do it too. Many a time on the way back to the house at lunchtime we have stopped and gone for what we think will be a little walk and land up being ages and come back (usually uphill) to the car longing to turn the airconditioning on in it. The Grotte del Romito sounds interesting. Maybe we will take a look there when we are next in Italy. Best wishes John & Toni

  4. Great photos - I love your view! The bridge shot reminds me of our drive from Bologna to Roccella Ionica on the bottom of Calabria - Once we were in Calabria it was all bridges and tunnels, and the height of the bridges is nauseating!

    Thank you for continuing to share your adventures and adjustments with us.

  5. Hi J&T, Thanks for your friendly "following" of this stuff. You and others are right about August. I can handle the heat and the on-off humidity, but the hordes of people, traffic, queues, etc really make you pray for a cold rain to send them packing! As a recreation provider in the US, we loved it when a national summer holiday got snow or rain to calm people down, or chase them home. The public anywhere in the world is a challenge. EHHHH, it's all part of getting used to this new land. Doug

  6. Hi Laura
    I hear Oregon is starting to burn. We watched a series of fires here yesterday where I suspect arson , but nothing more today. Yeah lots of tunnels and bridges. Just don't look down at 120 kph!

  7. I love the first photo of your terrace and the view glorious You are right about getting the balance between peaceful tranquillity and enjoying a few festas and sagras. Fortunately Italy is the right place to find this balance as we have happily done.

  8. Thanks LIndyLou,
    We are lucky and grateful for the experience. Di



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