Friday, September 3, 2010

Restoration Fun Update 4 (Sunrise to Sunset)

Stomboli is visible to the left of the Blue Umbrella on the horizon...but even I have trouble seeing it and I know it's there
My title is a clever (?) ruse to allow me to discuss the weather as well as progress on the restoration. 
It was shocking.  Exactly on September 1, all the tourists left and the weather instantly changed.  We were able to see Stromboli in the distance, the air is fresco and it's cooler with rain now and then.  This morning, for instance.  Meanwhile, things the August snail pace work on the restoration has picked up a bit with the arrival of doors, finish for the travi (rafters) and paint and tile for the walls.  Talk about fresco!
Doug loves to catch me in horrible clothes or from the back,
He makes fun of other husbands who show off their wives in photos, no danger of that here.  Note the paint.

The glass doesn't come ready placed in the windows
Long awaited new Bedroom doors, The wood is Castagno
Local Chestnut
Our impresa Angelo with his fratelli (brothers) who own the window and door company--Eh!
They sing while they work so I guess business is good enough
New bedroom window with a new local fire visible
I couldn't resist a few beforish afterish pictures here.
Note window
Refinished window.  Doug and I did the iron refinishing
I took the pic today, it's raining so a bit dark...
My most favorite before picture in the world
I actually took a "shower" in this bathroom when the
guest apt. was the only habitable area.
Note the bucket for the shower.
Same view, new tile, New shower plumbing is roughed in.
Our new weather is making glorious sunsets



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