Friday, September 24, 2010

Vendemmia Sun

We haven't seen a Harvest Moon here yet but we have seen the Vendemmia Sun
Our next door neighbors have a grape vine that makes its way over the summer to our portone (front entry porch).  It is a welcome visitor.  We were shocked to find it completely cut down one morning last weekend.  Fortunately, the looks of grapes around town made me think to start taking pictures before the Vendemmia--grape harvest--begins. Vendemmia began a bit early for our neighbors--apparently, they were glad the grapes were ready because they wanted to see the sky again.  I, on the other hand, miss the vine.  They keep saying it will be back in the spring--trying to convince me that it is a good thing that it is gone.  I'm not from around here, but I'm a gardener, so I know they could have waited until the leaves fell.  I'm pretty certain that this is one of the things they wanted to avoid.  Food for the goats, gather it now and see the sky again.  For me, that sky is too full of Enel's (the Electric Co.) vines.  I don't have a picture of the naked grape trunk, but you can imagine:

"Our" vine in happier times--assuming it liked its leaves too.  A day or so before the trim.
Carmelina shared the grapes with us, they were big green table grapes, with a few seeds
As I said, I was inspired to record the bounty before harvest.  First, we walked around town looking at vines similar to Carmelina's. Not enough for wine but good for shade and a few grapes:

Some of these "downtown" vines looked more serious than others.
We started to wonder how many bunches you would need just to make a bit of wine for the family.

We kept walking into the surrounding countryside where more serious subsistence farming takes place.
There seems to be more than one method for training vines in the field:

My photographer was getting tired at this point, so we walked back to our house, not knowing that "our" vine had only a few days left this year to see the light.

The sunset made things up for us.  Isn't it funny how we resist change only to find that things also change for the better.  All summer we are deprived of sunsets from our terrace due to a big hill to the northwest of us.  Then, suddenly near the beginning of fall, the sunsets are in view once again until next summer when they disappear just as the swifts return along with the big green leaves of the grape.


  1. Beautiful photos especially the sunset.

  2. I echo what travelingsue says and thinking that I suppose we will be harvesting grapes very soon, maybe just a week or so behind you here in Lazio.

  3. These photos' beauty of Italy brought tears to my eyes (in a positive way!) Just lovely! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for posting and sharing our journey.

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