Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weather Station Santa Domenica Talao

A pensionato needs a hobby--maybe two or three. We both are getting better at Italian just having to speak to neighbors, merchants and builders each day. In a year or two I want to be able to sit down with my neighbors and really chew the fat. A couple from Chicago is next door at their holiday apartment for a couple weeks and we are all eating with Italian friends tonight. The Americans try, the neighbors try (including their sons who speak a bit of English), and by golly we get some understanding and lots of laughs. They are having pizza made in their wood-fired oven. There seem to be quite a few people in the village with the ovens and they bake both bread and pizza in them.  Last week the same Italian couple fed us a full fledged Italian meal and there must have been three dozen large shrimp—complete with heads and tails (after antipasta, spaghetti with clams, potatoes and vegetables, bread, followed by drinks cake, etc)--Great food but I could not eat the next day.

There nevertheless are lot of hours that earning a living took from our days that we now are deciding various ways to put to good use. My colleagues gave me money for a weather station as a retirement gift. Obtaining it here was a challenge. The people at Oregon Scientific (in Oregon) told me to buy the gear in Europe so the electrics worked, etc. Well, the Italian website wouldn't take an American credit card, the English website had some issues with credit card security that I didn’t like--so I turned to another English retail site and they would sell, but not ship to Italy! I ended up shipping it to our Welsh friend in London who drove the stuff down to us.  At times it seems everyone is conspiring against Americans.
But it came this month and it set up on the roof just fine after some initial scenic quality issues:

I guess I miffed some English friends when I suggested that a little rain would be nice. If you come from London, you’ll never miss rain?! Sunshine is great, but I like the change in weather and the views that weather brings. I can record rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed and also see things as they happen. The storms we had last week left us with 3.69 inches (93.8mm) of rain in three days.  We had some wind gusts to 37 mph.  That sounds like Zigzag, Oregon where I worked! The storms always come as squalls that don’t last, but you get a series of squalls one after the other.  I watched the squall in the first picture above come ashore and make its way to us.  Anyway, these late summer storms are similar to the winter storms here, but they are much more frequent and stronger in winter. Last week’s weather ended three months of sunshine and I also put long pants and socks/shoes on for the first time in months.  Today, people are all back at the beach.

PS, I didn’t read the small print and the weather gear doesn’t come with software for Macs, so if I want to download to the laptop, I have to spend another $50 for some private software. Aieeee
Di and I loved to watch thunderstorms in Oregon but the ones here are impressive!  We unplug the computer when they get close. They almost always knock-put our wireless internet for half a day or more. I managed to get some pics of a storm that was in the Diamante area south of us:

And then you often get other eye candy from a storm that is just not possible on a clear blue day. This arcobaleno pic was taken last week--the day after Di posted the other, less perfect one taken in the exact same place as this double one:

My other hobby-- the remodel --will be complete this month we think.  Just waiting on the kitchen components, some marble for the fireplace, iron railings and final details...

Ciao a presto, Guido


  1. Your photos are breathtaking! Especially the rainbow one...

  2. What can I say Gil. When you live in paradise, how can a photo go bad?!! It actually does take a little time, patience, luck and a lot of shutter clicks to catch lightning. DJ

  3. I have friends with weather stations but yours looks like a real professional job, Fascinating hobby I imagine. Great photographs.

  4. Love love love the pictures!

  5. Gorgeous photography! Thank you for helping me live in Italy through your eyes, your camera, your experiences, and your blog!

  6. Thanks all. You all make it worthwhile to do this!



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