Friday, October 15, 2010

Beam Me Up, Capitano Kirk

The old Star Trek is hilarious enough on its own, but watch it in Italian and it could make you dizzy.
I may have mentioned before that I am not used to being one of the dumb kids in class.  Well, this is what happens when you go to Italian language school (free at the Scalea Scuola Media) where there are many levels of people there including those that speak Italian just fine already and make you wonder if perhaps they need a life or they just like hearing the teacher tell them how wonderful their Italian is.

What does this have to do with Star Trek, you may ask.  I shall explain:

I have a friend--she is one of those Trekkies who goes to the reunions and only likes the original series.  I'm not one of those...nevertheless, I watched the original series as a college student (for the second time) in the late seventies.  It had just gone camp and culty.  My roomate used to watch it.  I was not particularly loyal--a good enough reason to eat some popcorn once in a while.  I forgot all about it until the early 90's when I began watching TNG (Star Trek, the Next Generation to the uninitiated--you know, Captain John Luke Piccard) and then Voyager after work.  I loved Captain Janeway--you go girl and all that.  Actually, I think Doug likes her too.

Trying to make a long story short, Star Trek began to represent three things to me.  First, a connection to what we call the "Sixties" when people thought they could actually go ahead and change the world for the better.  Even the universe! Star Trek has a wonderful optimistic view of the future underneath it all.

Second, it represented comfort and I suppose the third is a fantasy world for escape.  I found out that buying DVD's from the States was a gamble due to customs--so I started ordering them from  When you order them from Europe, you get a choice of languages.  At first I thought it was just for the warning about copying the DVD, then I found out you could actually pick all those languages for the dubbing, not just sub-titles, mind you.  By now I have all the Star Trek DVDs (I have snubbed Deep Space 9 and the one that is supposed to take place before Kirk)

My neighbor tells me she learned English by watching soap operas.  Well, I'm not going to do that even for such a worthy cause, but I shall try to learn Italian by going to school, going out in the world here, and while watching good old Star Trek.  Would you like me to beam you up now?


  1. Diana and Doug,...We have just spent the last several hours reading much of your blog. I must say that your activities and report are an inspiration to us. We are planning to come to the Abruzzo/Molise area in March to begin a search for a home there, although we plan to keep our Bandon, Oregon home but live in Italy much of the time. Following your experiences is most helpful and encouraging to us - that we might be able to follow your example. We would love to hear from you at when you have a moment. Regards, Jim and Jane Burke

  2. Thanks, Jim and Jane, we sent you a private message.

  3. Nice insider, the John Luke Piccard-thing. ^^
    but fyi: It's, actually.
    Sorry for being a know-it-all, but that really hurt my eyes...

  4. Typo fixed. Thanks. If your eyes get hurt that easily, don't watch the original Star Trek!



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