Thursday, October 7, 2010

Real Hair Madonna

Last weekend was Festa di Piano which refers to Via Piano, the lower road through the village.  It began Friday night with a concert and food sales,  then picked up again Sunday morning with a market. The concert in front of the little chapel is just 300 meters downhill from us, so we could easily listen from home.  I guess I’d describe the group as a B- garage band. Not bad to fall asleep to!
The market cleared out at one o'clock to make room for a procession. I don’t know enough about the church to explain these processions. Some are about a specific saint.  This one has a Madonna and no saint. I see the priest with the sun glasses regularly having a smoke and caffe’ at a piazza bar, but never realized he was the village priest – guess they don’t wear round collars anymore. The Sunday activities were some of the first daytime things this year.

Sunday morning before sunrise, we heard the vendors arriving below.  Most of them appear to be the same as you’ll see in the markets around the towns on any particular day of the week.  So, much like in the US, this festa is another opportunity for vendors to make some euros! Notice the little chapel from above.

All processions have a marching band of course. The clarinet guy to the left helped us carry 7,000 lbs of floor tile down the steps to our apartment in July. 

Much of the town comes out to participate including carrying the flowers and Madonna. We’ve heard that there is real human hair on this Madonna.

The procession snaked around the lower village below our place with a destination of the main church. We have never found a list of village activities, but assume this may be one of the last for the season as we move into fall. The weather is still fantastic with clear air and days around 27(80). October is a choice month almost everywhere, eh?
Auguri, Guido


  1. For us these local village festas are one of the joys of living in Italy. Market traders it seems they are the same the world over.

  2. It all sounds so familiar. Can't wait to go back. Just sad that it will not be until next year now. Enjoy! Best wishes from John & Toni



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