Friday, October 1, 2010

Restoration Fun Update 5

Vince thought he'd help make the photo more interesting...he's good that way
We are getting around to an interesting time in the restoration when everything is almost finished but nothing is getting done.  We are waiting to get the kitchen counter, the shutters, to finish the electrical, door knobs, shower head, and shower doors.  You can see Guido painting above.  Angelo found out that he's a good painter so he has become their touch-up and iron painter.  He took some pictures of the iron work installation as that is the one of the few happenings in the past few weeks.  We have been very busy with one thing and another, so this is frustrating because we think something will arrive as soon as we leave the house. (We won't be doing another update until everything is will be a before-after final-type update) but unfortunately, don't know when it might be...  

Here is the railing just before it was installed on the basement steps
This was interesting in that they asked me what design I'd like so I said
just like the public parking lot.  Of course this is nothing like it...

There are still many, many iron works companies in Calabria.
They design, make, install...all custom

You can see that all the plants are moved.
There was a moment of tension when I said they couldn't cut down my flowering vine.
They thought I was crazy.  Doug saved me by remaining on my side during the altercation.
We hung it up out of their way on the electrical box and Doug painted the iron around it.  


  1. Looks good so far! It has been a long time since I've seem stick welding as most of the guys around here use a wire feed welder.

  2. It looks really nice. I like that the whole family including your dog is helping with the last push. Ironwork looks fab!

  3. The welders are neat here. Just like a portable battery charger in the US -- just plug into the nearest house receptacle. They all have welding masks nearby like this, but don't wear them. Close their eyes to make initial spot-welds, then hold the screen for final welding.

    Thanks Sue. The family is going to be painting today too. Di typically goes thru 2-3 paint samples before settling on a color. In this case, the inside of the entry door and the dining table. Guido

  4. Your iron work is looking great, many custom made iron workers still in Lazio as well. The old traditions are still considered the best all over Italy. I look forward to seeing your finished renovations. I am working on some before and after posts for ours but so far have only published one for the kitchen.

  5. LLM,
    I saw your kitchen posts. Such a lovely big kitchen. I noticed that your hutch is very similar to one we brought here (it's in the entry hall).
    I also noticed the props they used for the holding things up while constructing the new supports could have come from here. All very similar.
    Guido likes the car stuff he found on your blog too.

  6. Careful you don't get a white dog when he sits against the wall. Enjoy the work. Greetings, Filip

  7. Diana and Guido - Hutch? Sorry but what is that? I find it funny that we speak the same language but I often cannot understand some American words. For example when I got comments on our beautiful 'yard' :) Yes the kitchen is the biggest and best we have had according to our daughters! Delighted Guido likes my car posts.

  8. LLM,
    Ha! A hutch is the item of furniture in a kitchen or dining area that is wooden (often pine) with doors below and an open area with shelves above for storing dishes. Sometimes has glass doors above. There are other names, but I always forget them and remember what my mother called it.

  9. Oh right our pine 'dresser' so interesting these different names for things.

  10. For all of us who have grandparents from Calabria, we thank you!
    It gives us a real picture of what it's like to do something like this..
    Your blog is so interesting and beautiful
    and of course we all hope Vince is healthy and going to live forever!
    There many a firday night I spend in bed with the Labs, reading your blog for entertainment.Thank You!

  11. Thanks Teresa. Such a nice comment, I'm taken aback.
    LLM, language is really a strange thing. In this case, the English English seems entirely illogical. Dresser? We call the thing in the bedroom with clothes in it the dresser. Where you get dressed....unless Brits get dressed in the kitchen. Or is it the kind of dressed a rabbit gets?

  12. Interesting, I looked up the dictionary definition
    1. a set of shelves usually also with cupboards for storing or displaying dishes etc.
    2.(US)a chest of drawers for storing clothing often having a mirror on top.
    Now I have a dressing room next to our bedroom where I have a wardrobe (closet to you I think)for my clothes and a dressing table.
    All this and we supposedly speak the same language :)

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