Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Week in Calabria

Could we have predicted that one day in our lives we would receive firewood via Vincenzo and Pepino the mule?
It's not that this week was that much different than other weeks, it's that every week is different--an adventure--as we had hoped. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we asked for that.  

This fall is marking the end of restoration efforts here.  We are at the point where we are trying to add the finishing touches.  The trouble with guest rooms is that you only have decorative stuff that is left over from the main my one and only watercolor and the painting of bighorn sheep.  Sounds nice but they really don't fit in...(my painting was of an abandoned house in Oregon and it always had a creepy Halloween feel to it).... so we decided to go to the Sagra Della Castagna (Chestnut Festival) in Trecchina just 45 minutes to the north and look for some new art.  We didn't find the perfect painting but it was a perfect day and the roasted chestnuts were very good.
This isn't Trecchina, but you can see we are going up where the Chestnuts live
Here is Trecchina, perched in the mountains.  

Doug loved the town--he says it's because it looks like everyone cares about it--we bought our bag of chestnuts and sat in the square and watched an artist working on displaying his work.  It was very funny. He kept fiddling with the display with all the paintings facing in so we couldn't see them until the final unveiling.  As it turned out, they were very good but nearly all still life.  We were hoping for landscapes or town scenes.

While in the square we noticed this lady who loved music and life in general.  She kept time to the music while chewing her chestnuts.  The picture doesn't do her vitality justice.

It was also an important week for our new friends from the States who moved here officially on the 18th.  We "helped" them with their kitchen design.  It was fun to share their joy at finally being here. 
Our restoration is slowing down--we are still waiting for shower doors, sink drains, etc. etc.  Before and after pictures are still planned for this fall, though.  Ciao, a presto.


  1. Always love your posts. Thank you.

  2. Great photos! I enjoy reading about your on-going adventure. Love the firewood delivery.

  3. A busy week was had by one and all then, really lovely photos, thanks for sharing with us. we are hoping the weather stays nice this weekend so we can attend a local castagnata ourselves.

  4. Thanks you three. Always love your comments.

  5. Wow, the Visitors Quarters look amazing. Great job guys!

  6. Thanks Rick. You'll like it if you ever drag yourself over. You need the right lighting to see that the counter top stone is a royal blue.

  7. Interesting post. Maybe I should do some town scenes for your guest rooms :D

  8. Perhaps you should! That would be too perfect.



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