Friday, November 19, 2010

Ecco! Finito! Restoration Fun

Our guest apartment is ready for guests! Of course, we won't have a whole lot of interest this time of year--but it's great to know it is done. We have had a good number of people ask us what we will "do" with the space when there are no guests, which will be most of the time. We have always used the downstairs area for storage, and now the storage is neat and tidy. We use it for ironing (Doug still does lots of this...he even irons his jeans--go figure) and hanging the laundry on the terrace. More importantly, it's a quiet place to relax and read. The wood stove's heat is very very cosy so we will undoubtably start a good fire on those rainy winter days.  It's also now the place with the big table for large gatherings in the winter or in the summer if it's too hot on the terrace.

As promised, here are a series of before and after pictures.  Note that the two walls that formed the kitchen, and the walls around the stairs are all gone now to open-up the whole place. (We really never owned the italian furniture shown in the before pictures. The owners cleared it all out before we moved in):


  1. Well you already know how much I enjoy both following and actually doing renovations so I am so glad you did share these before and after photos with us. It looks stunning, you must be delighted with the new look.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the bathroom fixtures!
    Such a cozy place
    Hope Vince is really Great!

  3. Thanks all.
    Teresa, Vince loves having a new place to flop down with us.
    After all the effort, nice comments make the day!

  4. This is stunning. You have done an amazing job!!!!

    btw love the wall hanging by the stairs.

  5. Thank you Sue! I have a soft spot for the wall hanging since it was one of my going-away presents from co-workers in the States.

  6. You have really created one beautiful place!

  7. Thanks so much Gil, I missed you lately!

  8. What a gorgeous transformation! Thank you so much for sharing it. Bravissimo!



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