Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blizzard on the Hill

That's me walking home from the parking area
Santa Domenica Talao doesn't have a whole lot of money for Christmas decorations so the universe stepped in with a well-timed climate-change driven blizzard that was pretty impressive in a place where it "never" snows. We ended up with 4 inches (10 cm) of snow and lots of wind to blow it around.  We drove through the storm to get to our Italian class down the hill in Scalea and, of course, they only had the wind and rain. 

This morning the sun came out and is doing a half-hearted job of melting everything. Doug started a nice wood fire and shoveled the walk between our place, the neighbor's and the wood storage shelter which is located in a vacant house across from us.  The temperature rose from 32 F to 40 as we left the house.

I am writing this down the hill in Scalea since all of the interesting weather lately has played havoc with the cell towers that make the internet possible in our little town.  It's sunny here too right now. In the Holiday spirit I'll let you enjoy our brief winter wonderland:

Made it to the front door

Parking lot this morning


  1. Oh my. The top photo is great.

    Keep safe on those Calabrian roads and warm in front of your fire.

    Your poor fuchsia may have a hard time recovering.

  2. Well what has happened to 'living the dream'. Don't think snow and bilzzards were on the wish list but as you say, Xmas spirit.

    You are looking well Diane and yes, do keep us updated.

    (just started to flake softly as I drove home from work this pm but temperature at a temperate 2 degrees!

  3. Wow! You move to Italy and get snow and here in Oregon we just had a tornado - strange times all around.

    Beautiful photos - thank you for sharing.

  4. It seems to be snowing everywhere these days

  5. Funny thing is that I was arguing with a guy earlier who claimed that it doesn't snow in Calabria and Sicily! Your pictures are beautiful.

    Stay warm.

  6. Fortunately,
    I have always liked varied weather. In fact I was a little worried that there wouldn't be enough of it here for me. No worries! Thanks all for your comments.

  7. They have told us in Santa Marina that the temperature is never below zero celsius, but it snowed there at the beginning of the year and because they are not used to it they walked to work instead of driving. The photo of the parking lot with the sea in the background is so surreal. You don't expect to see the two at the same time in Southern Italy do you? Keep warm and try not to get blamed for taking the snow there like we usually get told we have taken the rain to Santa Marina. John & Toni

  8. Yes, it's funny, our Italian teacher blamed the weather on some English folks--who pointed out they couldn't have brought it with them since they've been here the whole time. Silly stuff.



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