Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Bird

This is our favorite winter wonderland picture--little bird of Rainshadow Farm on the hay rake
There is a little bird trying to get in through the window this Christmas Eve morning.  He’s tapping on it as if trying to tell us something.  I’ll choose to hear “Merry Christmas”.

I can’t remember the name of the Christmas dolce that contains chestnuts and is covered in honey, but we got a good supply from the neighbors as we did last year. We will enjoy Christmas dinner at the home of some American friends…we are very thankful they have invited us. We are also thankful we don’t have any travel plans this crazy weather year. Some English friends who had planned a Christmas party here never were able to get a flight out of Heathrow or anywhere else.

We went out this Thursday evening to take some photos of local Christmas decorations. The amazing thing was that at 6:00 PM it had warmed to 22C (72F). Hey, since we moved here partly to get away from snow, we’ll surely take this weather! Di and I never really lived in a small village before (at least not right in town) so I don’t know whether it’s the size or the fact that it is in Italy but only here have we gotten our mail anywhere we happen to bump into the mail carrier, and have had our contractor flag us down during a walk to tell us that they are finally coming to install the persianne (shutters) tomorrow.  As it turned out, we are still waiting for them to finish but here is how the ones they got done turned out—blue was not allowed by the comune so we decided on these. PS, I won with aluminum!

Here are a few photos of our Calabrian village Santa Domenica Talao at Christmas:

We don't know the exact meaning of these stars with tails but they're everywhere

This Madonna is always here but adds a festive touch for Christmas
Romeo is the owner of one of three bars around our piazza. His decorations this year are very creative including the bicycle with lights and silver tree branch.  He has nice lighting inside too. Note the two climbing Santas (Babbo Natale) on the balcony above. These are maybe the most common Christmas features around the area. There are some commercially made light displays in town, but this one would win a prize for Christmas displays in the US because of its uniqueness:

Di and I extend our thanks and good thoughts to everyone and we wish you the very best of holidays and a happy, successful New Year.

Ciao a tutti – Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo,


  1. Merry Christmas to you too.

    Love the bike covered in lights.

  2. Merry Christmas from the cold damp of western Oregon. I treasure each of your postings.


  3. Happy Holidays Laura. BTW, that tornado was in Aumsville if I read the Oregonian right -- is that near Salem? Is that where you are? Afraid I don't know the area west of the Cascades all that well tho' I can tell you more than you want to know about Mt Hood!! Cheers, doug

  4. Merry Christmas!
    The "stars with a tail" are shootings stars and portray the star of Bethlehem that led to Jesus. So they're a Christmas-themed decoration.
    Love the bike, too. ^^

  5. Doug, yes the tornado was just a few miles east of Salem - if we drive to Bend we go past Aumsville on HWY 22.

    We are hoping to be in Italy for a month next fall!


  6. Buon natale e felice anno nuovo anche voi! Tanti auguri John e Toni

  7. Loved all of the decorations! The bike reminded me of the old Studebaker that one of my neighbors had all outlined with lights and other decorations a few years ago. Where is that old hay rake (?) with the bird on it from?

  8. Thanks John and Toni
    Gil, the hay rake is at Rainshadow (our farm in Oregon we sold to move here).

  9. You always have amazing photos.
    May the coming year be one of your best!

  10. Thanks, we hope to make it so...and we wish the best for you.



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