Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Season of Sunsets

This is the season for sunsets in Calabria with clear air and lyric cloud formations.  The word "sunset" also refers to the end of things besides just a day.  2010 has clearly sunsetted--as have some other parts of our life. Sunsets can easily be conceived as a metaphor for beautiful endings, endings with bittersweet meanings--or endings signifying the end of light...if just for awhile. They also give promise for a starry sky and a new day. It's all how you look at a sunset--and at life.

2010 was a very good and very bad year (mostly for the world--wars, economies, etc). It was mostly good for us, we have a lot to be grateful for:
We moved to Italy and managed to survive, get our residency papers, a car, finish our home, and begin the long road to being fluent in Italian. Every year seems to bring some sunsets: 
We will never again have that feeling we had when we first moved into this little house.  We aren’t vacationers anymore. This is now our only home and it’s not the same as going on vacation.
We can never get back that optimistic but isolated feeling lots of Americans used to have. We know--as we never realized before that the world is moving on and America is no longer leading the way (or seeming to us to be leading, anyway). The problem is, neither is anyone else.

The dawns will never again outnumber the sunsets but hope survives that the dawns will still bring wonderful things:
We have time to learn how to enjoy every day and make the very best of it.
We have the luxury of not having to care what people think of us. We still do, but our survival does not depend on faking anything.
An interesting quote from a book Doug read claimed that being Italian means to “be yourself”. I hope to have the courage to believe in that—even if it’s not true. There is no need to try and become Italian except in this hopeful sense.
Hello 2011--and welcome, feel free to be yourself!


  1. Hope for a stunning year to match! Thanks sue!

  2. Beautiful! Some of the best sunset photos I've ever seem.

  3. Thanks. For once they were taken by both of us--two by Doug and 2 by Di--it's hard to miss when you see one of those gorgeous things out the windows! Thank you Gil and Laura.

  4. Bellissimi tramonti! Felice anno nuovo.
    John e Toni



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