Friday, March 11, 2011


No longer a dream, this is where I live
It's a beautiful sunny crisp day here in Santa Domenica Talao. I live here now. Isn't it interesting how a thought becomes reality in life? Growing up in the Midwest of the US, both Doug and I had the same first dream: GO WEST.
He started in Utah, I in California and we converged in Oregon. We were able to have a dream and turn it into reality. At what cost? Most of the people who live here have lived here their whole lives. Most of my high school classmates still live in my home town. Doug and I left that behind early on. What did we miss?
Are we still looking for whatever that may be? We have always been aware of how much we gained by venturing out beyond the borders of birth...untold practical knowledge, self-reliance, the knowledge that people are different yet deep down much the same wherever you are. We also learned that we could have a dream and make it so.

Do you have a dream but don't quite know what to do to make it happen?
Or do you have a dream that didn't live up to your expectations in reality?
What does it all have to do with what is left behind?

This is where I used to live--it was also once a dream


  1. Life is an adventure, my husband and I believe you need to follow dreams to make the most of it.

  2. Yes, we do have an adventure when we venture out and reach for the stars.
    Just have to accept all the consequences, the good and not so good.
    Thanks for commenting, LLM.



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