Friday, March 25, 2011

Planting the Future

It was getting stressful as we did our final packing to move to Calabria. I finally resolved to leave behind all replaceable items and keep only things that would remind me of people or times left behind. One of the items I still have is a little gardener's kistch that a friend gave me that proclaims: "He who plants a tree plants a future". I don't remember deciding to bring it but it hangs on my terrace where I still try to plant pots. I looked at my lemon tree out there and the need to repot it and use the pot for another plant was all I needed to decide to take a trip to our "neighborhood" garden center, Miceli's. Our next door neighbor's son either runs or owns this garden center/farm store (our 80 something neighbor speaks only in SDT dialect so our knowledge of his son's involvement is lost in the translation). It is very large and just a bit impersonal--like an American garden center would be.

I don't know how many of you out there are garden center rats like me but they have been a large part of my life since the age of 21 when I began gardening after a youth largely spent in other pursuits. My mother always said that is was my grandmother's master gardener genes kicking in because after being raised on a dry piece of Colorado plain, she had no need for contact with the earth. I had planned to take you to three of my favorite garden "centers"--each are entirely different from the other--but I never made it to the other two, largely due to the pausa(siesta) and the fact that I didn't get out of the house until 10.
It's still pretty empty at Garden Centers. Prime time is April and May.

One of my favorites is close to the palestra(gym) I attend where a very, very nice owner lady always recognizes me although I come very irregularly. It's small and reminds me of a cross between a florist and a garden shop.  But she has plenty to offer when the spirit moves me after a bout with the abs machine. All of the pictures here (I was my own photographer today) are of Miceli's since I never made to my other favorites.

My next favorite is a place just off SS18 that reminds me of the first nursery where I worked. They grow a lot of stuff themselves, have a real hot house, and have very pretty lightweight non-plastic pots. They recognize me here too, and know I want to wander by myself and gather my bounty. I get frustrated at this store though because the prices are high--it's still the best place for a fancy pot or a bush or tree. Flowers are better at the farmer's market in Scalea on Mondays. Although I'm more a shrub and tree person, I do try out my share of perennials.  No real winter to worry about here. Who would have known in Oregon that petunias are perennials?

I have never seen as many pots as they offer in Italy. Terracotta and resin. I couldn't get all of them in the picture!


  1. The two middle pictures, cement floors, remind me of Home Depot or one of the other large chain stores' garden centers. Before I know it my wife will be bringing home plants!

  2. Oh, it's one of my dearest pleasures! Hope she can do it soon!

  3. Di has been bringing home plants for 27 years and it never stops, even at a small house. Me and Vince are looking for a place to live as we get displaced by plants!! Doug



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