Friday, May 27, 2011

The Question

Going through my photo files to find my best shots and organize them, I thought I could share with you my favorite images of Italy so far. The most frequent question we get when we meet people is why did we chose Italy and why Calabria. The simple answer is that we fell in love. Maybe these pictures can help illustrate it. Since we have moved here, like any lovers, we have had our spats with our adopted country...but we have gotten through the adjustment period and now feel at home. 

We visited for the first time September 2005. A terrific time of year to travel. First stop was Venice. It cost more to land at the airport servicing Venice, but it was worth it to arrive by water-taxi. OMG, what a sight for a couple of bumpkins from Oregon, USA. Our first night in Italy was at the quiet trattoria above.

We love dogs and enjoyed the white one on the deliver boat. Di smiles from the hotel room ... a hotel that is nearly invisible. You all have seen St. Marks from various positions - the image at night was good.

A must-see destination is the Cinque Terra in the Region of Liguria. Here you can walk a trail between five villages perched above the sea. Trails that have served people for centuries. What a feeling of history. What gorgeous views. We’ll return while we can still walk!

Couldn't pass on the dog. The image of Riomaggiore's stazione includes a piece of the hiking trail in the upper left.

The town of Vernazza below with boats - as seen from the trail - is memorable. We took shelter from rain in a bar there which had pictures of Hemingway from the 1950's and the place had not changed.
An introduction to gothic architecture in Florence. Just amazing. I remember what really blew me away was that the hotel we stayed at was part of a building 700 years old. Americans just do not understand a lot because we have not been exposed to all the world’s history that’s been around so much longer.

The Tuscan countryside was beautiful of course, but it did not grab us--probably because Oregon and Washington State have so much pastoral beauty that we were a bit jaded on that. The architecture was stunning. Left is Montepulciano and right is the famous piazza at Siena where the annual Palio horse race is held.

We discovered Santa Domenica Talao in Calabria in 2007 and what a beautiful find. Mountains, sun, sea and friendly neighbors, right at our doorstep--just like our dream. I leave you with these (which I'm sure some of you have seen before) and hope you understand the answer to the question now. Later, Guido.


  1. Fabulous photos Guido. I like your closing shot of a Calabrian beach, but my favourite has to be the dog in a doorway.

  2. Aw, thanks, Sue, we like that one too.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos...The first one looks like you are sitting in a dream...and the 2nd to last one with all the elder men,just puts a huge smile on my face. It brings me back to the time I stood in Villa Pamphilli park in Roma, and watched the older men and women play bocce ball...such a beautiful memory...

  4. Dog lovers too?! Isn't is just something how italian dogs seem to take themselves for a walk in a particular town and nobody is concerned that it's lost? I've seen a dog that hangs around a gas station with its owner, a dog at the neighborhood vivaio, and the restaurant owner dog who takes a stroll to the cheese vendor in hopes of getting a nibble!

  5. Loved this post and all of the beautiful photos.

  6. Rowena,
    We thought some of those dogs were just sort of adopted but basically sensa padrone...we adopted two cats that way. Feed them but their day is their own otherwise.
    Thanks, Gil.



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