Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spilling Beauty

We pass this bougainvillea every day on the way to Scalea--it blooms 10 months a year!
Life is a challenge. The main challenge is to appreciate it and be one with it at all times. I can be not very good at that...I let things get to me (whatever they may be--for example, yesterday we found out our neighbor is in the hospital). Then all of a sudden, as I'm lying there feeling sorry for the world and myself, one eye opens and all the love and light of life re-enters my being.  

Guido and I feel better, our body's fight with Egypt is finally over and I'm just now back in awe of the sock-o beauty around here. Most of you know that I love plants. I love how folks do plants in this country. They love veggies and flowers and don't give a hoot about lawns. Give them space and they'll make their own olive oil and wine, thank you very much--but mostly the place is spilling over with the beauty of flowers from window boxes and terraces--everywhere.  I mean everywhere--including at my house. I wanted to capture some nice window planters that I finally got going well. I also snapped some pictures of other people's efforts. Enjoy:

The planter outside the window of our study

My neighbor Pina's window plants
Our kitchen window planter


  1. The Italian climate even produces more vibrant colors! Love these pictures too....

  2. Thanks Gil. I think the horticulturists are up to some of that too. I can't believe some of the colors they have in geraniums now.

  3. WOW, they are all beautiful, thanks for sharing with us - amazing what beauty can come from a small container...your porch/balcony is amazing!

  4. Thanks Kathy, while I agree that my terrazzo is amazing, it's not as amazing as the one pictured--that balcony is in Scalea. Di

  5. Can you blame them? Flowers give such a uplifing dash of colour. I love them too. I'm glad you are feeling better!

  6. Can't blame someone who shares your obsession!

  7. This is a funny thing to say, but all of the flowers look so comfortable. Not one looks challenged or striving.



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