Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun July 4 on the Beach

We love Calabria because it mostly hasn't been discovered by the "expat community" in the sense of a bunch of people who just want to live by the sea shore and soak up the sun and generally not really care what country they happen to inhabit. We are surrounded by Italians and Italian culture. 

However, there a two days of the year we like to celebrate our birth country--and try to be respectfully low key about it.  Thanksgiving and July 4. 

Too bad the Italians don't happen to have a corresponding festa on the 4th because they wrote the book on fireworks displays--by government entities and well as by anyone who wants to send some up. We opted for a fun day at our favorite beach at the Lido Paradiso.

We gathered with a small group of American friends and just enjoyed the day. That's it--sunning and snorkeling and lolling in the surf. Great day. Happy Birthday USA.


  1. Scuse per il ritardo ma buona festa!
    John e Toni

  2. Grazie Mille...fa caldo qui questa settimana!

  3. Bellissima! Abbiamo voglia di essere in Italia, ma non è possibile al momento :(



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