Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seven Links: Oh So That's What it is!

My favorite photo--it shows the beauty and age of the Calabrian natural and cultural landscape

Doug noticed an entry on Facebook from Sue of Pownall Chronicles concerning something about "7 links" and nominating this blog. We had no idea what it was and forgot to ask. Then I noticed that some of the blogs on our blogroll  had titles starting with "7-links". Thanks to them, I found the root webpage explaining that this was an idea to spread the good word about our own blogs and about others. So I'm belatedly addressing the questions listed. But first, I'd like to nominate some other blogs:

Great bloggers I’m nominating to share 7 links on their blogs:

1) Irene from An American in Padua because I connect with her writing.
2) Suzie from Palazzo Pizzo because she connects me to my love of art and architecture.
3) LuLu from Calbrisella Mia because of her love for Calabria.
4) Barbara from The Expresso Break because of her dedication to a first class blog.
(She left Naples so she no longer updates her blog but perhaps if she sees this, she can point us to her 7 links).
5) Jo from Joe Bloggs for her dedication to the art of writing and her wit.

Back to our Seven Links:
1) Our Most Beautiful Post:The Question--I'm interpreting beautiful as revealing the beauty of Italy through Doug's great photos.

2) Our Most Popular Post: So Many Restaurants, So Little Time--Go figure, I guess a lot of people go to Italy or think about going there just to eat.

3) Our Most Controversial Post: Calabria's Reverse Immigration--Nobody responded with any anger, but it's the closest I can come.
4) Our Most Helpful Post: House Hunt Italia--as far as I can tell.
5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Beaches--for similar reasons as the restaurants--people looking for information about where to go...I guess.
6) A Post I Feel didn’t get the Attention it Deserved: Sicilia for a Day.

7) The Post that I am Most Proud of: In Memoria di Francesco--because it seemed to touch people just as I'd hoped it would, and as a writer, the writing just flowed (I like it when that happens).


  1. That is so cool! I'm posting mine tomorrow. Thanks Diana!! I might be living on "the other Mediterranean Coast" now, but I'm really just an on-line click away. :) Saluti da California and, as usual, I still LOVE your blog.

  2. Ciao!
    Grazie Mille for the link.
    For the moment I can only use Internet with my iPhone
    So I am a bit limited but
    Will follow your suggestion ASAP.
    In the meantime greetings from Pizzo!

  3. Great post, thanks for the email to which I have now responded. My invite was actually from Sue as well.

  4. It was fun to re-read these. Thanks for sharing. We ate lunch in Hood River yesterday and it was one of those rare clear, warm, amazing days (very rare this year!) Thought of you and we are hoping it will work for us to visit in October. Still trying to figure out how to keep Tillamook cheddar cheese fresh for the three weeks of traveling before we get to your town!

  5. Laura,
    I still remember those nice days eating out on the street by the Hood River Hotel--don't worry about cheese on your trip--to far to drag it! But very thoughtful! Hope your trip works out well. Enjoy the planning.



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