Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Ebbs

We have been busy. Another excuse (reason?) for not keeping up our blog schedule is that we had a computer problem.  We had to go to town for a week and use the WiFi (Wee Fee in Italiano) at a local bar. Very noisy in 
August.  Ah, but August is on the wane, and with it, most of the hazy, crazy days that make one want a vacation from all the vacationers. We have house guests due in a few days and are looking forward to seeing them--but after they leave, we hope we will be in a nice quiet, cool place where going to the gym sounds reasonable again.

We will be returning to Italian language school soon and I know our teacher will be asking us what we did during our summer vacation. Here is my list that I will have to mentally convert to Italian:

  • Went to the beach and snorkeled alot--found a peaceful beach for August in Cetraro. 
  • Tried and partly failed to include more night-life. We are still morning people.
  • Went to Sorrento and environs
  • Met a lot of new people and got to know people from last year better.
  • Doug started passing his driver's test computer simulations (he has to take it in Italian).
  • Di started understanding Italian films.
  • Watched a whole lot of fires.
  • Heard a whole lot of fireworks.
  • Ate less because of the heat.
We didn't study Italian the way we planned, but we did make more efforts to talk and listen to people and films. Studying is a winter thing anyway eh?! All in all, it was a blur.... We do remember those two cute girls playing in the sunset at Lido Paradiso. The adults were dancing under a pergola at the same time.


  1. Simply gorgeous sunsets and it sounds like you have been busy enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer.

  2. Beautiful photos and a full, rich summer. Love your posts!

    We are hoping to stop by your part of the world around the 14th-15th of October...any chance you will be up for more visitors by then?


  3. Hi Laura, we plan to be here in October other than short local trips and would enjoy more "Ducks or Beavers" to visit. It will be clear and lovely then.

  4. Great! I will have a Duck in the car ;) I will remain in contact over the coming weeks. Looking forward to meeting you!



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