Thursday, September 22, 2011

Diversity Returns to Weather Station SDT

Last week we often wondered about the endless sunshine and heat--greedily awaiting fall and some weather diversity. Suddenly the long range forecast from Il Meteo on the desktop showed dark clouds, rain and much cooler weather for Monday. We watched all weekend and the forecast didn’t change like they often do.  Finally, we are in for change.

Sunrise Monday – blue sky all around. Bummer. But wait, by 8:00 things are developing out to sea.  Hmm--a double water spout had formed and the dark clouds were coming in from the NW. Down at sea and ground level, the winds were changing around to SW winds and the speed was increasing. 

I had a mission that morning to remove a nail from a tire, so left Santa Domenica T. just as this first squall arrived with rain and strong, erratic winds. Windscreen wipers at full speed, I drove to Scalea dodging blowing forest debris coming from the burned-over trees along the road. I just missed a clump of branches that landed in front of me. The entire route to Scalea was covered in bark, leaves and branches. I was unscathed and arrived at Domenico’s garage and they immediately went to work on the tire.

Minutes later, a VW Polo pulled in next to my car and a young professional in tie and coat stepped out to complain about driving to Santa Domenica and meeting the storm.  He pointed at the front below the bumper where all the plastic was broken and branches protruded. He then started pacing around, turning in circles and mumbling things related to Dio and Donna. He reminded me of an Italian Woody Allen – very funny even tho’ I couldn’t understand most of what he said. The garage guys were laughing at him too. He pulled the branch and plastic away, they opened the hood and poured water into the reservoir and it of course it poured from the punctured radiator onto the ground.  More moaning and pacing, “how will I get to work”, etc.

I left that scene with a patched tire, hit the grocery and went home. Turns out Di had her hands full with the squall here. Many plants tipped over on the terrace and there was broken glass from a candle holder. Other neighbors had large potted trees turned over. Our newly replaced weather station recorded gusts of 65 mph/104Km/h. Later learned that many beach lidos had sustained damage from this first squall. There are many temporary buildings and roofs on the beach along with all the umbrellas. There was also damage to some permanent structures. None of this is like the hurricanes, tornados or typhoons many others in the world have had this year, but we did ask for it!

Midday, more weather rolled in with fog first, then more winds and rain--the first measurable rain since June. (35mm/0.87in) It brought back the white water steps and showed that yes, fall is here! 

I will post the results of 12 months of weather observations around 
Oct 1 when the water-year changes.

The rest of the week has been gorgeous with a touch more rain, comfy temps 
and more sunsets to go with those clouds. And the beaches and sea are still comfortable.

For the first time in 8 weeks I am wearing long pants 
and even shoes with socks at times. 

Enjoy your fall, Guido


  1. Beautiful pictures as usual! The water flowing down the ancient stone steps always amazes me whenever I see a picture or a video of it.

  2. Wow, your photos are gorgeous - what a a beautiful place to live

  3. It's got it's good points...thanks for the comment!

  4. Great photos to go with your weather update post. We had a tremendous storm here overnight 18th/19th which knocked out our internet connection. Four days with no online presence, how did we manage in the good old days. The weather has been beautiful since then back to warm and sunny.

  5. LLM,
    We had quite a long spell w/o internet due to storms here this spring--and now the Vince (the dog) goes crazy too. We used to look forward to storms. Oh well, life changes. Now we are having trouble getting ricaria s to work!



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