Saturday, September 3, 2011

Something Fishy in Old Town Scalea

Nice balmy evening in Scalea
Besides the beaches, the best spot in Scalea (the town downhill from ours) is Centro Storico (Old Town). We had our friends from Oregon here for a few days and they were in time to see one of the last festas of the season in Scalea. It was in honor of fish and fishing and they fried up some tidbits for everyone to try. We elected not to eat here given the fish types they were frying and the music sound level was too much! We ate in a small pizzeria instead--but we were happy the fish lovers were happy:

A very big vat of boiling oil!

Friends from Brighton, England who have a flat in Old Scalea. What were those kids thinking??!

Standing -- Our friends from Oregon, USA


  1. What was wrong with the fish? Was it freshwater?

  2. Gil, we didn't grow up in seafood country and are squeamish about some things like little whole fish complete with bones,guts, eyes -- suction cups. In America when we tried Calamari, it was basically a chunk of inner tube. So we get picky! We are learning to enjoy more, but are not going to change on some of it.

  3. The sort of event we really enjoy! It looks remarkably similar to our local Sagra Del Lattarino – Marta held in June. The latterini are freshwater but yes you eat them fried, the whole thing. I do urge you to try one sometime, you might just be pleasantly surprised. Also if the calamri tasted like inner tube it was not cooked properly :(

  4. LLM,
    You're funny! Trying to talk Doug into Calamari...the good news is we are on the ecological cutting edge...the Med is losing fish at an alarming rate.
    Good excuse, huh? My favorite fish dish is Scampi al gratin. Yum.



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