Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks Again

Our hosts MaryAnn and Gordon at the head of the table
I wonder how long I will feel moved to mark our time in Italy with Turkeys Eaten on Thanksgiving. This is our second Thanksgiving in Italy. We cooked last year and had Americans, Italians, and Brits present.  This year we were invited to the home of our American friends and a quartet of British expats. Our holiday has morphed into an international celebration of Friendship. Not too shabby. 
Arthur does the honors
I can't help but think of family Thanksgivings past. Our families are for the most part thinning out rather than growing (lack of plentiful offspring combined with deaths and lack of marriages).  This makes us especially thankful for a growing circle of friends. Thanks again Italy.  It's always interesting this life we have here.
And Furthermore...
Thank you MaryAnn and Gordon for a great dinner!


  1. Glad you spent the day with friends - and that looked like a real turkey!

  2. Thanks Laura, yes it was quite real.
    Viva Las Vegas! (There is an Italian casino there...)

  3. Buon giorno del ringraziamento. Scusi per il ritardo! John e Toni

  4. Grazie John e Toni per leggere il blog. Doug



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