Thursday, December 8, 2011


I can't describe life in Santa Domenica Talao as quiet because southern Italians don't live life quietly. There is life in the town nearly every night and firecrackers from the hands of little ones announce the arrival of the many festas--too many to list... Although it's not quiet, we have always felt quite safe. There are no wierd neighborhoods or the uncomfortable feeling you might get walking around at night elsewhere. So we were very surprised at the news that our very own post office was robbed at gunpoint!  Doug was able to snap some photos just as the Carabinieri arrived.

It seems two robbers showed up on a motorino and managed to make off with 60,000.00 euro from the post office just as it was stocked with money to deliver to pensioners (Italians get their pension money in cash from the post offices). They left the post office and escaped on foot--leading to suspicion that they might be locals or know someone local.

The crooks pistol-whipped some poor guy in the post office who ended up in the hospital. Apparently no one could identify them because they left their helmets on. The U-Tube story says that Santa Domenica Talao may have been attractive because we don't surveillance cameras in the post office. 
Utube Report (in Italian) 

I have to admit that part of the reason (other than pure newsworthy-ness)
for posting this story is the fabulous job Doug did capturing the essence of the Carabinieri. These inspectors look so elegant...let's just hope they also are smart enough to catch the bad guys. 

Whatever happens, there will be enough to talk about in town for awhile!


  1. they look like they were posing for GQ

  2. Wow, excitement for your small village! Hard to imagine. Love the photos.

    Lock your doors ;)

  3. No worries, Laura, the doors lock me out all the time.
    That's what I thought, Lucia!

  4. Robbed at gupoint! That is really scary!
    The uniforms are quite something, heh.

  5. I hope that they do a better job than their brothers near Florence did finding my stolen money clip and driver's license. They told me that I should be hearing from inter-pool in a few weeks!!! Ha-Ha I think that they have such impressive uniforms is because they are part of the Italian military. Their uniforms do resemble the dress blues. Pictures are right on as usual!

  6. Thanks folks. Just this week the "serious" branch of the state police managed to arrest a mafia kingpin near Napoli that has been on the run since 1995. He was taken from a buried bunker. Caribinieri do have some resources for that type of work, but the local boys (and one token woman) are pretty tame. Guido



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