Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Wonders--the Spice of Differences

We were surprised to see all the Aeolian islands visible New Years Day--from the terrace. 
Clear, fresh air (Stromboli is the active volcano)
We are deep in the heart of winter here and must report that it's not bad, not bad at all! If you, like us, are from winter wonderland-type country, it's not like that.  It's different and we can definitely get used to the difference. It's also different from busy summertime.  We can learn to love that too. Here's a list of the main differences from our old Oregon winter home and from summer here:
We watch the sea from our favorite bar by the Sea--Bar da Pietro
  • We will be able to sit on the terrace and eat lunch all through the winter--not everyday (need the sun to shine) and not in the evening, but often enough to never feel the sun deficit we used to suffer so badly from in Oregon.
  • The haze is gone and views become clearer
  • There's always gonna be a day when we don't need a coat
  • The sea goes wild (as wild as the Med here gets) and is fun to watch from the few bars that remain open by the sea--our fave also treats us to WiFi.
  • We get to know the winter people, the bar owners, we feel like permanent residents.
  • The rain usually goes when it comes, not always, but usually we can enjoy a storm and then a clear sky afterwards.
  • People around the towns here learn we are residents, not tourists.
  • We can enjoy snow in the mountains--at a comfy distance.

Carmello's semi-busy off-season, but OPEN and with a sea view!

The little strip near Dino Island between San Nicola and Praia a Mare.  Looks quiet this time of year!!

One of our favorite summer beaches with serious surf.


  1. Interesting comparisions.

    Happy New Year to you both from Muscat,Oman

  2. Is the last picture Monte Sirino? Love the picture of Stromboli. We saw it about three years ago on our way up from Sicily. Will have to take a trip to the actual island one day too! Felice Anno Nuovo da John e Toni

  3. Hi Sue staying warm in Muscat eh?

    John and Toni, that mountain is in Pollino Park a little east of Verbicaro. Visible from the terrace. The air is so clear and dry this week. Great views of Baia del Policastro and your neighborhood!

  4. We stayed on Salina Island in 2006 - didn't realize you could see the Aeolian Islands from your terrace - fabulous!

  5. Laura they can only be seen when the air is especially dry and clear, so almost never in summer. Similar to seeing Mt Rainier from Mt Hood -- only when the atmosphere is good. It's been lovely since new year, just spits and spats of rain to keep us honest.

  6. Seems a very nice winter indeed. Around here we have rain, hail and wind. I'm a bit jealous.

    Happy New Year to you two!

  7. Thanks Michelle. We were able to eat lunch on the terrace today, but we DID have long sleeve shirts!



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