Friday, March 16, 2012


Ah, the warmest seats in town.

It has been a dry, but cold winter here and many of us are now emerging to welcome the warm sun.

Flowers and people are scrambling to share the warmth and it should hit 23C this weekend – higher at the beaches.  The sun is rising earlier each day and we all have bigger smiles as we walk about the village. On the way to language class yesterday, there were folks out walking everywhere enjoying the sun. Another clue about spring is the buzz of motor scooters that are parked all winter.

Back to the dermatologist--you are what you eat.

I wonder if this will be one of the final wood deliveries from Peppino the mule who takes a break to chat on the street.

Back to lunch on the Terrazzo...Guido


  1. Sounds so nice right about now! Love Pepino the mule!

  2. Thanks Laura. We hope the recent coastal snow there missed you. Pepeino brought us legna again, but we burned little this year.

  3. Is Pepino the mule, the mule itself or the owner?

    Glad the sun is back. Warming up here too - 32c Friday but only 29 today :?

    1. Ciao Sue,
      Peppino (my typo) is the 4 legged bloke. His owner is with hat al destro. Hope your flat is ok. Only spoke to Lesley in passing. Is your heat very humid? Still looking for warm spots for holidays, but never again in Egypt or Africa!



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