Friday, April 20, 2012

Exploring the Neighborhood

Diamante from the road to Monte di Caccia
There is still a lot we have not seen within a 30 km radius of home. This week we explored the steep hillside communities above Belvedere with the objective of finding a trailhead at Trifari, a neighborhood of about 10 homes. The trails there access Monte di Caccia, elevation: 1785 meters. We plan a hike on a clear, warm day.

Trailhead Sign
The road to Trifari is paved although 4.5 km is single lane with turnouts like the forest roads we used to drive. This road , however, is much steeper with grades approaching 25% and some exposed spots that make you sit up in the seat. Not a drive for someone fearful of heights.

Belvedere centro storico left, and Marittimo right  from on high
Fortunately there was little traffic – only a Poste Italiano car that came flying past. He was obviously used to driving this route.

The homes up there have incredible views (that we have grown to expect everywhere here along the west coast of Calabria). I'd like to return on a clear day with the larger camera. The shot above of old and new Belvedere shows the steepness of the hill and the tight, switchbacky roads.

Halfway up is the neighborhood of Laise where our Italian teacher lives and just below is a church we stopped to see.

There were new sights to see in Santa Domenica Talao this week as well. We spotted a new sign on the exterior of the comune building (city hall). There is a major anti-Mafia movement in the Region of Calabria which is home to the ‘ndrangheta branch. The sign states “Here the ‘ndrangheta does not enter. The communities of Calabria repudiate the mafia in every form” Good news. Guido.


  1. beautiful view, is Trifari N or S of you guys? looks like it's kind of hugging the coast. again, thank you for sharing your travels! kathy

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Trifari is south of us and east of Belvedere



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