Friday, April 6, 2012

Heart of Santa Domenica Talao- for more than 350 years

The rotunda and bell tower of our church dominate the view.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday.  I was outside watering plants when I heard the priest singing in the piazza as he led a procession thru the village prior to the mass.  A few people had fronds of palms.  Another ritual seems to be handing-out springs of olive branches in a gesture of peace and friendship.  All I had, in case the procession came by, was a handful of wild asparagus.  They didn’t come our way.

The church posted this large banner celebrating 350 years of the parrocchia (parish).  Wow, this small town parish has been around 114 years longer than the United States has been a nation!  

Asking around, I was told the church structure itself is much older – dating to the 1300’s.  Like many things, there have been changes over that long period, but some of the original walls, floors, etc. are still visible and in use. From the outside you see the rotunda which is over the alter area. Then of course, the bell tower with its automated bells ringing-out the time four times per hour. This time of year when the house windows are left open at night, you can know what time it is if you are lying in the dark and don’t want to over-exert yourself looking for the clock.
Below are more images of the church interior.  I didn’t capture the glass-covered openings in the floor here and there which show where crypts and ancient stairways are.  It still amazes me to find such lovely architecture in small village churches knowing that the locals are the ones that must pay for and maintain them.  Someone who knows more about Catholic churches can tell us what the many side “knaves” are about?


  1. Thanks Sue, Buona Pasqua e Tanti Auguri to you too!

  2. Happy Easter from UK! Today I saw sell local asparagus for £ 8 kg...ridicoulus! See you soon x Simona



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