Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perfect Mediterranean Spring Combo

If you are a gardener of advanced seriousness in the U.S, you have dreamed of Spring in the dead of winter with the help of catalogues like the one from White Flower Farm. I'm sure the folks at high quality nurseries grow tired of people like me who never actually ordered anything. After all, fifty bucks for a yellow clivia plant is a major investment. I've always wanted a yellow clivia, though, and didn't suspect that this dream would come true in Calabria--and it didn't cost fifty dollars either. It was sitting on a sidewalk display at a florist shop in Scalea last summer. Guido was kind enough to stop in the middle of bad traffic on Maggio street so I could buy it right then. 
I knew it would bloom again as that is the beauty of clivias--they are as tough as they are gorgeous. What I didn't know is that it would bloom just as the Japanese maple came back to full leaf along with a nicely harmonious azalea. A gaggle of swifts are back, not the full compliment, but enough of them for us to enjoy as they swoop around the roofs of the neighborhood--I hope they are cheered by a spot of perfect harmony too. Enjoy your spring.


  1. Ah so it was you causing the traffic jam I was stuck in hmmm

    Looks stunning!

  2. So beautiful! Makes me smile to imagine standing in that spot enjoying your plants and the view.

  3. Aw Sue, Guido is much too courteous a driver--I'm pretty sure he just dumped me out and then parked. He hasn't gone completely native yet.
    Thanks, Laura. It's very good to hear from both of you.

  4. Thank you. It's even more gorgeous now, in full bloom. However, my wisteria (on the sea side of the house) got all its blooms blown off in the storms.

  5. Everything looks so beautiful! I love thecolors in the flowers.

  6. Thank you Gil. It's a beautiful day today too!



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