Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guy Post of the Year

Every construction project in the world has an overseer
April showers bring May construction here in the south of Italy. It was wet and cool here and a lot of outdoor projects were postponed. Now, it is dry and everyone is starting up again. Remember my posts about how labor-intensive construction is in a hill-town? Almost everything is moved via a wheel barrow like our young neighbor Alessandro who works on restoring his own house on weekends. 

Today at the bottom of the hill,  in the "suburbs" of Santa Domenica, I watched a large concrete pumper working to pour a floor of a new building. You have all seen similar construction sites in your countries. 

Even in the middle of our historic district, where there is a street, they take advantage of equipment. I love these concrete trucks that have their own pumping capabilities. Very clever.

I used to work with concrete pours at ski areas which were interesting too, but way too expensive for a little job in a little town.  The Italians use helicopters for telecommunications sites and in the mountains.  

If you still have trouble telling whether a post was written by Di or me, this one should be a piece of...concrete.



  1. I'm starting to discern the correct voice of each post but this one was a no-brainer!

  2. Ah yes, the voice of the writer, but do you see the subtle changes from the Editorial Chief? Like the title. LOL

  3. ha not for my flat! Still awaiting a revised quote :?

  4. Sorry to hear that Sue
    Well, in Italia, nothing worthwhile can be easy. We just went to the ASP to renew our health cards because they are about to expire (on the 15th)
    We waited an hour to be told that we can't renew them until they expire!

    1. :( I have been waiting since September to even get the quote, now 2 months for the revision. Flat is going on sale when I get there in summer - fed up!

  5. That's a shame. Every town is different. The three builders that serve our village have all proven reliable and timely. But then we hear bad stories like your's from other towns nearby.

  6. The first thing that came to my mind when I first saw one of those pumpers is how hard it must be to clean up after delivering a load. I was only used to seeing regular mixers using steel and aluminum chutes to unload. I give the guys that drive these trucks a lot of credit.



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