Friday, June 22, 2012

Changes--a View from our Third Summer in Italia

It's the same old Moon but now you know when the swifts will be out enjoying it

Our third summer in Italia--school has ended again for the season, and I can't help but think how things have changed in three years. It is difficult to explain how different you feel about things when you live in a place for awhile than how you feel when you are in the midst of crazy dreaming (it has to be crazy to get you here!) and the challenges of switching from tourist to resident. There are practical changes to your thinking, serious changes, and mundane.  Here's a tickler list:

  • You have a good idea who to trust and for what. 
  • You know who to hire for most jobs.
  • You understand that construction means dust, noise and frustration so you either get used to stuff you don't like or figure out how to make it a small job.

  • Italians DO line up. They line up on the beach, at the various health services, even in the post office. Why couldn't you see it before? They just know who they follow in the proper order of many waiting in the room, and are free then to clump up anyway that helps conversation. There are so many generalizations you wish you hadn't spread (like, Italians don't wait in queue very well).
  • When you aren't a tourist, you can't keep the rosy glow alive every day as you thought you would. Life is hard. Dogs get old and threaten to die, you get sick and have to spend time learning about Italian health care, and you realize it's the same old you in a new country. Life will be only as magical as you ever made it. Seriously. Be yourself. You aren't Italian but you can enjoy every day anyway.

  • You don't have room for a microwave or fancy barbecue. You have learned how to eat better for yourself, eating different things. 
  • The list of things we need from America grows smaller.
  • Going to the beach is still fun to us folks who never got to go much in their lives (unless we were on vacation)--but vacations are harder--going to the beach is not as much fun as when you could hardly ever go. 
All of these changes are neither positive nor negative. They are just ripples in the normal give and take of life. Enjoy your dreams and then enjoy the real life dreaming creates!


  1. Interesting observations.

    Have a good summer. See you soonish.

  2. Thanks, Sue

    See ya later alligator, in a while crocodile...



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