Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lido Heaven

This is a quick addition to our 19 May post about Lidos while we prepare for a holiday in Sardegna starting Friday.  You will hear about the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeraldo) of Sardegna (Sardinia) soon.

We discovered that our creative friend, Vincenzo Grisolia of Ristorante Vigri’, has opened a whole new lido across the street from the restaurant, and 50 meters from our other friends Carmelo and Antonella at Lido da Pietro.  There is a lot of new competitive development going on along the lungomare of Scalea! As you can see in the photos, he has done some very artsy work on this seasonal lido.  Quite nice with giant plants, turf and the artwork panels. Di loved the design of it, simple but elegant.

Looking down on Lido Heaven. Lido Vigri has the pale red umbrellas with the white tents. Our friend Carmello's is next door with the yellow umbrellas.

A well appointed Lido has a clean restroom, changing areas, free shower, and a hot shower you pay for in a change machine, food, drink, umbrellas and lounging beds. They don't all have mirrors, but Vigri's does, and it's in the form of artwork. Love it. What look like cutouts below are actually mirrors.

Chef Vincenzo wishes you well and hopes you will stop by someday. He says Lido Vigri' will be open for evening entertainment starting this Friday evening. 

He rests up here after a busy lunch shift at the restaurant:


  1. Wow, that sure looks different than it did in October! Very colorful and everything is so precisely arranged.

    Really looking forward to hearing about your time in Sardegna - we are entertaining the idea of spending time there on our next trip.


  2. Hi Laura!
    Glad you're planning your next trip.

  3. It's so funny. Whenever we were at the beach we just took our food and water with us. We didn't need any lido. But I see on your picture that there are lots of lidos.
    Different world you live in. ^^

  4. Michelle, there are non-commercial public spaces along the beaches too and plenty of folks use them. The lidos offer a little more comfort without carrying chairs and umbrellas. some people reserve the same spot on the beach for the month of August year after year and then spend their entire holiday there....going home for lunch. Funny that when 30,000 people show up, the restaurants are not overrun because these Italians eat mostly at home to save money.

  5. Maybe we can go to the restaurant when I'm there as I like their food :)

  6. Sue,
    You bet. Let us know when you arrive!



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