Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moderno or Classico

Our first guests of the summer are arriving this week. We've been very busy lately--the social season has also begun and Italian language school just ended last week. Weekly updates here have turned into bi-weekly ones at best as we get distracted. The blog has been quiet too--the numbers of comments have gone way down lately. According to Google's tracking, there are more page-views than ever but fewer comments. Anybody know why? I don't. 

How about another poll to get some life on-screen here? Guests made me think of people's taste and expectations in accommodations while traveling. Which do you prefer when you visit Italy? Traditional surroundings or more modern?

We have two levels to our casa. The upper level is where we live and the lower level is reserved for guests. We decided to create a more modern space for visitors. Of course, nothing is that clear-cut--we wanted some continuity between spaces, so it's not all modern downstairs.  For the purposes of the poll, though, we'll call it modern. Check out the pictures and leave a comment with your preference--or at least answer the poll question at the top right of the page.



  1. So I voted for traditional, but staying in your "modern" apartment was wonderful! Truly a high point of our trip - you have done such a great job of creating a comfortable, inviting, clean, cozy and beautiful space. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Woah, what a nice place! I envy you...
    Guess I like the traditional more. Wouldn't have thought that I'm this conservative. But actually... when I'm in Italy I mostly prefer camping. ^^ But if it's an hotel, I would like sth traditional, because it's so different from what I have at home.

  3. Never been to Italy, but just going off of your photos...the upstairs kitchen was beautiful as was the downstairs bathroom. So I guess I vote for both???

  4. Well, guys, I'm surprised. I thought traditional was definitely out these days. Good to know it's still appreciated.
    Thanks for the comments! Cindy, you are a born diplomat!

  5. We are trying this type of form to see if it changes any problems some have had adding comments. I don't like pop-ups so I will change it back if it doesn't help--

  6. They are both beautiful. I would stay in either one!

  7. Thanks Sandy. Molto simpatica!
    Looks like the pop-up style helped some folks comment without gliches, so I guess it's a keeper.

  8. I'm definately a Traditonal person. I'm sorry for not commeting more, but I do enjoy your blog.

    Thanks for posting about your life in Italy for those of us who are still in the dreaming/planning phase.


  9. Thanks Linda!
    You'll always remember the dreaming and planning phase, enjoy it!

  10. I like the difference between the old and the modern. For guests I think a more modern approach is a good idea but older style for your own home above sounds like a nice retreat. Good luck with your guests this Summer.



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