Saturday, July 21, 2012

Angels and the White Dove

We took these pictures before the guests and visitors began to arrive this summer. It was early July and it wasn't hot yet. I knew I'd get a chance to use them on a quiet week. This weekend ends with the festa for our town's patron saint Joseph (San Giuseppe) so it won't be quiet for long. The weekend started with a birthday party at our new neighbor's house--very lively.  

We'll listen to music in the piazza and enjoy the fireworks while Doug takes some pictures for you. Meanwhile, enjoy the peace of the angels and the dove. (i.e. plants called Angel's Trumpet and the white dove who landed on our terrace and hasn't been seen since). 


  1. So beautiful. Love the dove!

  2. Thanks so much Laura. Maybe he meant to say
    don't give up on peace on this earth...or maybe we should think he meant that.

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