Monday, August 6, 2012

Trouble in Lido Land

We look down admiring the view not realizing that trouble is brewing along Italian beaches

August 6 has always been an important date--world-wise and personally for me. Aside from the yearly memorial to Hiroshima, my parents got married on that date, my father's birthday. Now I can add the Mars landing today. I'm a space nerd and loved watching the happy people in the NASA control room this morning. Congrats NASA!

August is also the big month for Italy's beaches. If you search for "lido" on the search feature of this blog, you will note many posts about these beach developments. They play an important part in the economic scene here. Now, apparently, the European Union wants to have a say on how they are run and Italy is not happy about it. According to Yahoo News, the European Union says it wants licenses for the private beaches auctioned off in a transparent way starting in 2016, but operators say that could stop investment and force many of the 600,000 workers in the sector out of a job.

We learned about this from friends who discussed the issue with one of our favorite lido "owners". What it comes down to is that many of the current operators would not be able to bid on their own business or could lose due to limited funds. This means that many long term family businesses wouldn't be able to count on a continuous lease for the confidence needed to invest in improvements. 

This may have been a well-intentioned attempt to make the system more fair and to get some revenue for the government, but we fear it can have serious effects on families that have been in business at the same beach for 20 - 30 years.  I hope that the folks we know end up OK as it plays out.


  1. This is totally insane! I know some Lido owner/operators in Lazio. They lease the land from the municipality and everything on the land: buildings, games they built and paid for over the years. It really seems unfair to take away these assets and the family's ability to earn a livelihood.....

  2. Hi Gil! Good to hear from ya!

    It does seem so very unfair to the traditional ways, and disruptive at a time when folks don't need it!



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