Tuesday, October 23, 2012


                          We parked at the start of the village on SP3, walked up to the top of the village near  
                                                    Via San Costantino and came back around on Via Castello
The small town of Papasidero (about 1,000 people live there) is just up the road from our village--but we have to admit--has a richer history dating to prehistoric times. It's named after the head of a monastery, Father Isidore.
We met people from this village very early in our Italian adventure. Our contractor was from Papasidero and taught us how to pronounce it correctly--not PapasidDERo but PapaSIDero (PapaSEEDarrow). 

The Fiume Lao (River Lao) is an important feature whose name comes from the Greek city we just learned about in Italian language class. We had previously visited the prehistoric Grotto del Romito nearby but had never before taken the time to walk around the village to get a feel for it. A visit from some  friends from the UK gave us the impetus to go and walk around. We saw some pretty impressive sights for such a small village nestled in the Parco del Pollino (Pollino National Park). We refer to the aerial map above to orient you to our walk and the map below to orient you to the 9 km drive from Santa Domenica Talao.

We can be the most uninformed type of tourists sometimes. We took in the sights and learned about what we saw as we went because we did absolutely no research before  we embarked. I guess the town's proximity made us casual about what might be there.
We knew it to be a small town in our national park and the home to rafting companies and our building contractor. Sad to say, even the existence of the archeological site Grotto del Romito didn't clue us in to the age of the village itself.

Probably the main reason for our lack of research was the modest way this village presents itself from the main road (SP3). The first thing we noticed was that there were a lot of hidden little piazzas and well-turned out restorations here.

Old villa on the hillside--a fairly normal sight in Italia

Soon we began to see other, more unusual sights--some that will warrant another trip:

The Sanctuary of Constantiople--you can see this in the top aerial photo--upper left across the River

The Church at the top of the village--what a great roof it has--the church was closed--on Sunday?

The abandoned village of Avena--11th Century--on the aerial photo, you can see the ruin
 on the hill next to Via Castello--near the big parking lot on the aerial photo 

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  1. Hi! Beauty photos and description of the place. However, that castle is situated in Papasidero, not Avena. And S.Costantino mother church is open every Sunday from 10.15 till 12.00 am. For visiting It during the rest of the week It is possible to ask the touristic office near S . Francesco church (on SP3 road). Warm greetings from Italy! :)



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